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In the surgeon's office he made only one change; he substituted his close surgical consultant who had come out from the United States. When it was written, but It is evidently of recent date, and the author's notes, marked by brackets in the text, make it a reliable guide in its special field. This was the only evidence of the accident Two BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.

Series of meetings to rally Union vote-getting It's easy to do business with White-Haines Blue Ribbon Rx Quality for Over Half a Century INDIANAPOLIS, SOUTH BEND and TERRE HAUTE at Huntington, West Virginia, for delegates from Kentucky and West Virginia. It had been observed that it was especially met with among coachmen in England, and it had occurred to him that the reason of this comparative frequency was that in their occupation this class of men kept their ring and little fingers (which, as had been shown, were almost invariably the seat of the contractions) almost constantly at rest, while they moved their other fingers freely. The soluble organic matter contained in them is capable of very long journeys under ground, with the loss of coloring matter only, as many analyses have proved.

As to the Hgaments, there is no doubt as to their undergoing certain changes. Tuholski has been promoted to director of Product Development, and Dr. Tilley, Chicago, Illinois: I wish to express my high appreciation of the paper which has just been read, and I am sorry the author is not present to receive my compliments. What a singular variety of evils must have met at His feet! What sickening ulcers and putrefying sores! Yet He was ready for every new shape of the monster evil, and was victor over it in every form. There are many reported instances in which the removal of an apparently normal or only slightly congested appendix was followed by the subsidence of all symptoms and even by the disappearance of glandular enlargements. These often carry off the patient within four days; if they get over that time there All these forms are to be treated in the same way; and thus far they are unanimous. In view of the strong tendency for the offspring to be an anatomical copy of the parent, it seems entirely possible for a tendency toward a weakened or subnormal glandular system to be transmitted by true inheritance, and this undoubtedly does occur. It is conceivable that these bacteria, especially when effects there is dental caries, may do harm. General Eisenhower first push into Germany, and the British commander, after overrunning part of the Rhineland, embarked on elaborate preparations for his grand assault. The circulatory back pressure from the enlarged portal vein makes the mechanical obstruction of direct importance upon the left ventricle, which muscle is affected by like toxins as the spleen, although not so markedly, yet just as really within certain limitations.

There is also a danger in the sudden introduction of a large amount of fluid into the blood vessels, as by this procedure the strain on the heart is increased and the composition of the blood changed. Activity of tetracycline against susceptible organisms. She touched Him with unfaltering faith. The work of inaugurating reforms in classification was a thankless one.

Do you really Soft and pliant as a tampon, the Milibis vaginal suppository offers proved therapeutic COVERS CERVIX AND VAGINAL WALL -The pliant Milibis suppository disintegrates readily and molds itself to the cervix as well as the columns and rugae of the vaginal vault. Jesus, seeing their faith, said to the man sick with the palsy,"Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee." Let us therefore take courage and simply believe for our healing, if we have not already obtained it, and not think that because we have heretofore failed to properly grasp the promises, they are not for us. Nothing except some other condition requiring close scrutiny of the bladder would otherwise lead to their discovery.

Division combat narrative files, in RG human interest detail on division-level medical service. Keller, of Arkansas, presented a resolution to the effect that in a few years the cremation of the dead would be regarded as a sanitary necessity, that the decision of the courts had pronounced this method legal, and that from hygienic, religious, and sentimental stand-points this method of disposing of the remains of be cremated, and asked for the adoption of his resolution.


Your committee again wishes to call to your attention that Medicare is not a pay-all program.

A pool of personnel trained in control had to be maintained, power dusters stockpiled, and DDT supplies kept on hand. I should consider the freedom from the cares of housekeeping, the pleasant social element which may be cultivated or not as the person chooses, and the independence which one could not have in a small boarding-house, as elements particularly favorable for most There are several very good boarding-houses in Santa Barbara, where the expenses are about two thirds what they would be in the hotel. We get this especially in reference to the muscle fibers which govern the heart.


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