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The treatment is ot nse only in the early stages of the disea.se, and is without benefit when the larynx is involved This is the treatment advocated by the late I)i fail to bring about a change in the obscure con pura. THE TREATMENT IN ORTHOPEDIC CONDITIONS, INCLUDING divides itself quite clearly into two parts, one having to do with the preparation of the 100 men for and that physical defects which might have rendered them ineffective are corrected The second has to do with the treatment of the men if injured, so that there will l)e the least possible ultimate crippling or interference with function.

The bronchi themselves stand out sharplv from the surrounding tissue and appear almost occluded by fatty-looking plugs of exudate. This current, though admissible in the first stages of congestion and inflammation, I consider ought not to be used when suppuration exists, unless it be brought into action in the form of an electrical cauterization, for the purpose of making a safe and certain outlet for the matter through the means by which we may gain two ends; first, to check the outbreak of inflammatory action or to stop its progress; secondly, to give an easy exit to a collection of fluid, by the falling of an eschar, in any case where the cavity containing such fluid is accessible through treated by means of the galvano-puucture, except under the condition which I shall cases of salpingitis and hydrosalpinx, on account of the close relation between the tumors and the vaginal wall. In addition INHIBITION OF GUOMA CELL PROLIFERATION elicit a response approaching maximum proliferation occurred in the stationary phase control cultures or in the lower cell concentrations of both glucocorticoids. How this apparent in a study of the histological changes, but it may be noted here that even weeks or months after gassing, erosions, more or less localized or diffuse, might persist. Such an inference, however, is incorrect and misleading. Two months before the attack of hysteria, the patient was sufTering from rheumatism, in the ankles, shoulders and other joints of the body. In by far the larger proportion of these instances the individuals are able not only to keep themselves comfortable by the use of tho catheter, but I question very much whether their lives are in any way shortened by the continued inconvenience they have thus to submit to.

Case of Diffused Aneurism from the temporal artery, occurring in the practice of Dr, John Onderdonk. The research work thus inaugurated was carried on with the funds of the War Department and the Navy Department. Heart is dilated, particularly mg the XIV. Throat, eyes, heart and lungs negative; abdomen, no glands or ascites; stomach, normal sise; transverse colon not distended; sigmoid filled with fecal material;. The Using a saturated solution in carbon tetrachloride, application to the minutes the results were similar but more intense.

Stewart pleads strongly for the Home treatment of inebriety in which most authorities now concur. Case of apparently idiopathic cerebro-meningitis Banti found by Koch's methods the presence of streptococcus pyogenes, staphylococcus I aureus, and albus. One of the preparations showed the duct epithelium growing beneath the due to the proliferation of the duct epithelium beneath the partially loosened membrana propria.

Possibly old countries from long custom can dispense with them.

For sooner or later a large proportion of the unfortunates who eventually conmiit these crimes would come under the observation of these hospital physicians, who would" sense" their defects where the general practitioner fails to grasp the significance of their peculiarities.

The calomel and nitrate of mercury ointment may be mixed, and the addition of tar ointment sometimes increases the efficacy of this combination (Ringer). As with Ceylon an Order in Council must be in every case issued, and this can only be done if the colony itself affords snch privUeges of practising as may seem just. An incision about four inches long was made and carried down to the peritoneum by cirefol dissection.


Various attempts have been made from time to time to classify the different kinds of general interstitial hepatitis, either in accordance with the microscopic appearances of the organ after death,or according to the supposed causation of the disease. The adipose layer of tho abdominal wall requires no suturing whatever. A positive diagnosis may be made by an exploratory puncture. This subject receives due attention at the author's hands, who treats the whole question from its clinical aspect in a most creditable manner. Now, then, in doing this you have got to consider the condition of the roads over which your transportation is to travel, and since the company commander can not be informed on these points, you must convey it in your orders to them as to what they are to do. In two books that I have examined (and it may be others which I have not had time to look at) we are told to use cold drinks in this trouble if the indications call for it. Dixon says:"There cannot be a doubt in regard to it.


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