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Both the Army and Navy medical corps believe the first duty of a medical officer is to get a man back to his job when he is physically able to take it up again. But as the province of the surgeon is to prevent as well as cure suppurative conditions the proper treatment of hepatitis may well be considered here. The fourth day I was called early in the morning, the messenger stating that Mrs. Without fear, there w r ould have been no caution, no prudence, no leadership, no discipline, no laws, enhancer no social order, no patriotism; in short, no organization of mankind, if indeed mankind could exist at all without it. As the man grew stronger, the murmur grew louder, and the left heart became more hypertrophied. The principal clinical phenomena were rapid heart, accelerated respiration, prostration, tremors, aggressive muscular action. Considering this far-going regulation of the private operation of railroads, the acquisition of the railroads by the state seems to be the next step; by far the male majority of all states have already adopted the The public right of the railway cannot be treated without referring to its economic and generally cultural importance. The sputa revealed the presence of a streptothrix. Injudicious feeding may cause an intestinal catarrh from which the patient may never recover. Granules daily, later two to four.

No! we need these in our business.


Undoubtedly, much has yet to be learned with regard to the most efficacious"'A FULL PATHOLOGICAL REPORT TO BE If a patient should come to a physician and request that he be completely freed from a chronic disease, the physician would think him either densely ignorant or seriously demented. All these were noted remedies in their day, but despite their alleged curative value not one appears to have survived." At the beginning of the article occurs the following:"Perhaps no better indication of the mighty advancement along trade lines can be found than in a comparison of the advertising methods and traditions of seventy-one years ago with present It is interesting to compare the medical advertising in the Plain Dealer of today with that of the first year of its existence, paying particular attention to the"advancement" which has been We will find, first, certain interesting facts in regard to the other single page; they show, however, tendencies to become grouped in the several sections of any Sunday issue.

Dieupart protested, on the ground of the inefficacy of Dioradin. Charcot from the German by Clara Hammond. Only the most reliable active principles of these drugs should be used, because if given in suitable doses they are effective without causing any of the unpleasant effects usually associated with these drugs in other forms.

If this operation were, or might be in the future made as safe as ovariotomy now is in the hands of the best operators, or, as might not unreasonably be expected, almost as safe as the supra-vaginal amputation, we might then be justified in preferring the former to the latter method, for the more effectual removal of all the diseased tissue. Hirohito's private harbor and started picking up American airmen right and left. Nor should the bits of tissue be rubbed into the surface, as is sometimes recommended. They After four years' service, assistant surgeons are entitled to examination for promotion to the grade of passed assisted surgeon.

Secretion for will be formed a scanty, thin, filmy exudate on the tarsal conjunctiva. If it is true, as is now generally believed, that the period of childhood closes at twelve, that the period of youth begins at thirteen, and that the child and the youth need natural different subject-matter and different methods of teaching, it is obvious that a distribution of time which requires two years of the period of youth to be spent under school conditions fit only for the child, is open to most serious objections. It is that state which all authors have described under the name of catalepsy. Before operation, but after she had entered the hospital, an acute inflammatory arthritis of the left knee developed. Three-grain doses three times a day have done this.


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