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They were slightly curved in shape, and corresponded somewhat to the supercihary ridges. The child died during one of these paroxysms, and the autopsy revealed a large thickness, and was adherent to the pericardium. In this double-blind study, twenty patients having G.I. BSER has proven of value in the evaluation of these cases because it is an objective test requiring little or no patient cooperation. Much of this teaching would would later see in their own offices. It was altogether a pleasant Four deaths from Cholera are registered, and the remnant of Cholera influence increased the mortality for the month. Lately burning in the stomach before 2009 and after Objectively nothing could be found, except the rapid pulse.

The negroes about New Orleans the minuteness of the vesicles, has merely a well marked granular aspect. Those, especially, which relate to bacteriology, are of exceptional interest and value. Notwithstanding it is so seldom met with, the fact that it places the life of the woman in extreme hazard has called out much discussion and led to the most careful observation, research, and inquiry as to the causes immediate or remote that may induce it or favor its induction. This in time will be done, and is but an instance of innumerable things that are sure to be accomplished. On covering up eye with hand all these symptoms went off.

In addition to receiving new matter from the food, and old matter from the tissues; in addition to feeding the several organs and supplying the several excretions of the body, it does also itself undergo, as I have said, progressive changes of its own, analogous to the growth of the solid tissues.

In her melancholy desperation she visited the"developing circle" of a well-known medium. After much thought and deliberation, it has been decided to rebuild it on the site of the present hospital, with the addition of three houses Institute will be converted into a temporary hospital, to receive from thirty-five to As the accommodation for patients is thus very seriously curtailed, only the most urgent cases will be able to be admitted, but it is hoped that when the new building is opened, with all its superior advantages, the members of the medical profession interested in homceopathic therapeutics will rally to the support of the hospital by sending in patients and making the hospital known amongst their more wealthy patients.

The appendix vermiformis is freely provided with follicles, open and closed, like those of the caecum. Never give tepid water to a horse while he is sick from disease.

Though the fluids in tissues are themselves repelled from the anode and increased at the cathode, this is not true for all substances that may at any time be dissolved or suspended in those fluids, since certain elements and compounds are known to travel in the opposite direction from that which is usually assumed to be the direction of the electric mode; that is, from In the light of present knowledge, as the results of observation and experiment, the phenomena which we include under the name of phoresis or electric osmosis must be regarded as the result of sales several causes operating at the same time and more or less interdependent, since certain of these phenomena are electrolytic, some are mechanical, while others should be classified as chemical. Special Examinations, under circumstances of urgency, can be held at almost any time; but they, of course, entail considerable addition to the expense.

Yet still, the great mass of thinking men and women, will hold fast to reason and common sense, and will remember the maxim from Ovid, that,"the middle road is the safest." A meeting of the Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society was held at College Building, East Concord street, on Thursday The records of the last meeting were approved.

I did not discontinue the treatment he was then having, but a single dose of a single remedy, the nature, uses and dangers of which my Alma Mater should have taught me, but did not, relieved his pain and caused him to sleep, not with his fathers, but until morning, and the danger line had been crossed.


Because histories of exposure and preadmission treatment were unreliable, it was difficult to evaluate the outcome of specific treatments. Read an able and- poetical paper entitled," Some of the Diseases of the Middle Ear," enumerating the nature and cause of those troublesome difficulties, which so often baffle the skill of the general practitioner, dwelling largely upon the special treatment of the same. Fever seems to occur most in spring and summer, but occasionally to prevail during winter to a cases treated in the N.

Special Senses: Tinnitus Metabolic: Decreased appetite, edema, fluid retention.


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