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Of changes'in the other organs the most marked are thickening of the blood-vessels and hypertrophy of the left heart. Externallj' these convolutions were continuous with those that lay close to them. Effects - the most frequent of the nervous affections is drop- wrist from paralysis of the extensors of the fore-arm. When extensive, it is almost always the result of gradual failure of the hypertrophied heart. The spleen was not perceptibh' enlarged. In this connection the following table from Gowers' work will be found valuable to the student: stridor only on deep inspiration.


The abdomen was distended and opened in the median line above the umbilicus, and both the posterior and anterior surfiices of the stomach carefully examined. Porous stone of similar pattern is used, but is unsatisfactory, not being germ-proof, although it clears turbid water. It is doubted in some quarters that Congress will be able to devise and fill out a comprehensive and coherent system of national Certainly the lack of information shown by the law makers is in many instances very deplorable. I therefore compressed this vessel with my thumb; no result followed. When the owner returned, she noticed the cat retching as if trying to vomit, and put him out of the house for the night, thinking no more about it until I found the pin. Metschnikoff considers that the greater part of the tubercle being composed of leucocytes that is to say, of mesodermic cells the polynuclear leucocytes are the first to die, being killed by the bacillus and then eaten by the mononuclear leucocytes, which in their turn resist the action of the bacillus for a longer period, and may eventually either kill the bacillus or be killed by it.

Bacillus was Found in the Lochia. When the motor cerebral nerves are involved the paralyses are of the peripheral Tumors of the medulla may involve the cerebral nerves alone or cause in some instances a combination of hemiplegia with paralysis of the nerves. If the disease extends into the mastoid, periostitis may appear over the bone and result in abscess, pachymeningitis, embolism, septicemia, and death. But the manifestations of the disease may be as protean as the organs which the disease attacks are various. In other cases it is chiefly in the lower parts of the dorsolumbar muscles, from which, as in ordinary lumbago, the disease-process extends by contiguity downward to the sheaths of the nerves at the sciatic notch. Local anaesthesia side alternates with hyperesthesia. Reed, Adolph Alt, Robert a most handsome and attractive octavo volume. Pains of a similar nature may occur in movable kidneys, and there are several instances on record in which surgeons have incised the kidney for stone and found none. One year subsequent to the miscarriage she was confined to bed for seven weeks with what her physician termed a hematoma of the pelvis. Some of the cases present in addition diffuse sclerodermatous changes of the skin of other parts. The rectus clonus and the ankle clonus are easily obtained. In all these occupations, as shown by CIreenhow, to whose careful studies we owe so much of our knowledge of these diseases, the condition of the lung may ultimately be almost for a variable number of years in the dusty atmosphere. In a curious book lately published in Paris, I happened monarch of his day, was found to have a fistula. In this case the disease is to be ascribed to infection carried by The main features, therefore, of the results of feeding pigs with nonvirulent tuberculous material are as follows: alimentary tract become affected by the disease.


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