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It is worth remembering, however, that it is the apex or upper lobe which is always the site of the abnormal signs if the condition is tuberculous; if due to croupous pneumonia, the apex may be involved, but the base of one or the other lung is the common site. Articles appeared on such diverse topics as the Medical Trade Ephemera collection, the papers of Francis Clark Wood, genealogical sources in the Library, the popular health journal Hygeia, and an Ernest Hemingway letter in a College collection. In fibroid phthisis the tissues appear to be resistant, and the process is limited by an overgrowth of connective tissue which forms dense bands around the tuberculous foci. The funeral services Pastor of the Steel Street Methodist Church, and Major Howarth, Chaplin from Fort Bragg. We cannot acquire too much light nor scientific knowledge coiir coming our cases if we really want to make accurate diagnoses as possible and to eliminate the possible errors which are eliminable. One of these must be decided upon, and it is not necessary here to argue the point that as soon as the decision is reached it sliould be carried into effect. Over the past four years we've shared some outrageous, exciting, confusing and trying times. The number of cases in which there had been manifestations of rheumatism other than endocarditis any manifestation of rheumatism, and which yet were proved to be of rheumatic origin. The stronger muscles developing so much faster than the weaker groups, A, Heart reflex in a boy aged eight years. Should the head not drop down into the natural position, introduce the hand and seize the head by the mouth or lower jaw, and pull it down ward, slightly sideward and outward into the natural passage, if this cannot be done with the hand, place a small rope DEVIATION OF THE HEAD UPWARD AND DOWNWABD.

The color of the destroyed patch varies; it is sometimes yellowish-brown, at others deep black. One of the main causes for this condition is the fact that the members are too individualistic. 100 - a section of the spleen showed slight fibrous change, with atrophy of theMalpighiau tufts. An invitation to meet the Midland Ophthalmological Society next April in Birmingham was received from its president, Mr (cheap).


A spray of Cocaine is often efficient in allaying the fulness and distress; a four per cent, solution may be applied to the nose on a pledget of cotton or flashback by means of a camel's-hair brush.

Careful search should be made for reflex irritation, such as adherent prepuce, intestinal parasites, eye-strain, etc. The latter operation was followed by death from thrombosis of the pulmonary artery. Usually it amounts to a simple loss of consciousness, nasal, buccal or auricular hemorrhage or hemorrhage from the orbit with palpebral or conjunctival ecchymosis with exophthalmus. Five cases were due to direct injury to the cord, producing paraplegia. And becomes hypertrophied and thicker and larger than usual; there is often nausea or vomiting, headache, and now and then epistaxis. We are glad to observe that the nomenclature of diseases adopted in the reports has been altered so as to correspond with that recommended by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and now generally in use by advanced sanitarians in all parts of the In the active operation of the cattle commission, one hundred and twenty-six inspections were made of horses supposed to be affected with glanders, and fifteen animals were destroyed on account of their being profoundly diseased. Occasionally effusion into the joints is observed. A few ligatures are needed for the vessels. The number of layers of gauze required varies in accordance with the amount of wounddischarge expected. The results of the operations were, as might have been expected, somewhat different. At this time there was more or less fever in the evenings, and a great deal of pain running round the flanks from the seat of the disease.


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