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This is as frequently seen in adult life as in children, and yields rapidly when tea and coffee are excluded from the diet. Here we are compelled to believe that the labyrinth, or in some cases the auditory nerve-trunk, is the part affected.

It produces a thick crust and the subsequent application of an emollient is advisable to A lady, very thin, had lost ten pounds or more, complained of severe pain at base of right lung when she took more than a shallow inspiration. Some breeders think that.short-horns of pure white are less hardy than the reds, but statistics do not bear them Flesh. Her general condition was extremely poor. Both the gluteal and femoral abscesses were very large, the former being especially prominent, while the latter increased the circumference of the thigh three inches over the measurement of the thigh of the unaffected side. The opacity of the cornea, which had not been completely removed by the operation, became larger, and, within a few days, had begun again to be prominent, and to interfere, as before, with the motions of the lids. Often, however, this will have to be repeated before we can obtain a full intermission. "We all know it from our student days," says almost any graduate of the last decade. Osteomalacia has been considered rare everywhere, but with the more accurate recognition of its symptoms this has been changed, although it is too early to speak positively of the existence or absence of the disease, which should be more carefully looked for in all parts of the w T orld. If services cannot be rendered, then a certificate of authorization must be obtained before the patient can seek the services of a private physician: products. The only.stipulation insisted on by the authorities of the college was that the study of medicine shall be forever pursued in San Francisco and that all trusts left by BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL SOME OBSERVATIONS ON A" FIGURE OF In spite of the superiority of plaster over any other material for splints, like any other well established device in the hands of the inexperienced, it is often abused. A preliminary report to the Studies in r Hominis.


Hence it is common to animals of different species and their attendants suffering at once, the diseases having been propagated from one to the other.

Subsequently, x-irradiation was given over the operative area.

If it omits any details pertaining to this branch of knowledge which the student has a right to expect in such a work, we confess the omission has escaped our scrutiny. It is undoubtedly malarial in character; and is very rapid in its action and termination. Heiman's paper in terms of the highest commendation.

It is a well recognized fact that scurvy and certain forms of purpura depend primarily on malnutrition, and that the skin lesion is simply a result of the changes in the vascular system. The term akro-elephantiasis ossea et mollis has been proposed for cases in which neither the lungs nor the heart are diseased. In regard to its use in spondylitis, it has been a Godsend to hundreds of poor people who would otherwise have been no method so convenient for producing absolute fixation of the bones of the spinal column. The discharge is attended with passive exudation of' a similar fluid, or altered blood, under the cuticle; it is accompanied with symptoms indicative of prostration and atony of the sanguiferous and other organic systems; it is preceded and attended by other hemorrhages, the sources of which are visible to the eye, and as regards the passive nature of which there can be no mistake; while, in some instances, the exhalation and discharge of the fluid continue after death, when all conditions of activity have, of course, subsided; and the limited number of cases that recover after the accession of the black vomit, do so generally under the influence of means calculated to From all this we may perceive the propriety of coinciding with those who regard the effusion as connected with a relaxed condition of the vessels on the The black vomit being recognized to be blood acted upon by the acid contents of the stomach, we have no difficulty in perceiving that much of the difference it presents in regard to its physical appearance will depend on the quantity of serous fluid it meets in that organ.


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