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Roentgen irradiation, corrosive chemicals, etc., have been made use of, in efforts to produce a neoplasm of carcinomatous nature. Arsenic, in the form of arsenite of potassa, or Fowler's solution, in five-drop doses, three times daily, largely diluted with water, and continued for a long time, five or six weeks, or even longer with intervals, is one of the most valuable nerve-tonics within our Last year I published, in this journal, a number of cases of diphtheria which had been very successfully treated by the local use of a mixture of carbolic acid and iodine: Among those cases there was one of diphtheritic ophthalmia of a very malignant character.

Dyspnoea increases and the respiration-rate rises, with children reaching sixty or seventy, with adults rarely exceeding fifty, and usually remaining below that number.

Their use in combating the disease in man will form the subject of a future communication. Respiration is Cough is another symptom to be referred to the respiratory organs. Several attempts to remove the foreign body through a slightly enlarged opening were unsuccessful: zanaflex. In mid-September the North Korean government ordered complete stripping of all hospitals as its forces retreated.

The writings which it was proposed to trans late were not immediately obtainable, and it therefore became necessary to institute without delay a vigorous search for the books required.

He advises the continuance of this treatment for a Other remedies of vahie are the aromatic spirit of ammonia, carbonate of ammonia, and, in instances of sudden heart-failure, the administration of ether hypodermically. Both were basic to health and survival, and both entailed special problems under Korean conditions.


From that time on the sugar disappeared rapidly, until after twelve days no reduction could be obtained.

Instructor in Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania.

Spleen is probably normal in size; color dark red. The redness to which this name is applied persists for a considerable time after the application of the irritation, and I have never been able to produce it except in meningeal inflammation. Or develop gradually as a dry pleurisy, (a) In the first class after the absorption of the fluid there remains on the pleural surfaces more or less fibrinous deposit, some of which is gradually absorbed and the remainder becomes organized into connective tissue.

Brewster Clark and Henry Lawrence Schively; Associate The editor and publishers are to be congratulated on the completion of this very useful work. But pleiirisy, especially that due to the pneumococcus,- may simulate this history closely: there may be the initial chill, rapid rise of temperature, dyspnoea, tubular breathing, with highpitched expiration, all these without displacement of the heart. The mouse could then be held in any desired position, the curve of the tail near the body making a convenient holding place for the left hand, leaving the right free for manipulating the pipette. In Giuliano della Eovere, who resided at Savona, and he continued to hold this position after the cardinal was elected to the papal office under the name of Julius the owed its celebrity, during the early part of the sixteenth century, chiefly to the fact that he was the first author to write somewhat thoroughly upon syphilis and upon gunshot that time.

Unquestionably the persistence of anaphylactic activity in ovomucoid in spite of all this heating and precipitating, depends upon the fact that ovomucoid does not lose its solubility in water because of these manipulations. Such cells as they progressed became somewhat elongated, with the rear end pulled out into a sort of tail, from the end of which protruded a bundle of filamentous pseudopodia. Especially in our cities children are kept at home; it is not genteel to play in the streets; and then they will soil their clothes! While boys manage to get a tolerable amount of exercise, our girls are fettered on every side.

And surgeons in the Province, died of general decline at his home ago, he came to Canada when a mere youth, locating at Toronto, as Mayor of Brantford. It appears that the physicians of India began using mineral substances, both externally and internally, at a very early period of their history. In one part opinions held by the seven leading teachers of the school (Platearius II., Cophon II., Petronius, Afiiacius, Bartholomaeus, Ferrarius and Trotula) with regard to each one of a certain miinber of local diseases; thus enabling tlie reader to obtain a very fair idea of what was the condition of medical science at Salerno during the twelfth century The famous didactic poem known as the"School of Health of the School of Salerno" (Regimen Sanitatis of laymen in matters relating to diet, the conservation of health and the prevention of disease; but from time to time, as the years rolled on, there were added to it several sections which changed materially the character of the poem. The portrait here reproduced from the engraving in von Gurlt's A complete collection of the writings of Pare has been prepared by J. It is the province of the official veterinarian to make the diagnosis, even where the statute is silent upon this point, and he will be upheld generally by the courts, Nevertheless, cases have occurred in which courts have seen fit to review and reverse the decision of health authorities relative to infectious diseases Inasmuch as infectious diseases are the result of the action of specific germs, either bacterial or protozoal, where those germs have been definitely identified by microscopic examination, the sure method of diagnosis is by such examination.

By Herbert French, This little volume aims at giving in detail the commoner carefully given, while at the same time care is taken to point out the fallacies to which each is liable. This the doctor stated had been due to a small sore, the dates of the appearance and duration of which were found to fit exactly with those of a shipping primary lesion.

In the first place, he was very partial, as has already been stated, to such extremely mild forms of physical exercise in the open air as one can obtain from driving or from being carried in a litter or a boat. But if you have not charge of the treatment from the first, but undertake it from another after a time, you must saw the bone at once down to the meninx with a serrated trepan, and in doing so must frequently take out the trepan and e.xamine with a sound, and otherwise along the track of the instrument.


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