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Thp good effects of this treatment "xzen" are claimed for the reposition of the flexed organ.

Living animals ought to undergo the tuberculin test. He treats it in this manner on the hypothesis that the disease arises from an excessive production of iodothyrein by the thyroid gland. Reimpaction with sand l)ag and luallct or by manual pressure. The speaker had had good results with Apostoli's method in an active intrauterine electrode the speaker used a platinum or aluminum sound, and for the inactive abdominal electrode he employed a piece of sheet zinc wrapped in a moist compress. We must filter the water in our towns and cities; and we must sec that the dejecta are cared for in a sanitary way, then typhoid fever will certainly be abolished. The skeletons from Alexandria, with the coldest and wettest climate of Egypt, came from many graves and belonged to various The first part of this material was found at Chatby, near Alexandria, about two minutes' walk from the sea, in the tombs of the Macedonian soldiers of Alexander the Great and Ptolemy I (1350). We all feel that more light should be thro"WTi on a few doubtful We are glad to publish President Falconer's explanation of certain actions of the Authorities aibout which there has been mudi comment. Psychoanalysis finds the root of all neurotic ill in sex repression, while M. The rationale of the inicluision of this su-bstance in the formula of Hemos'tatic Serum is tbat faulty coaglation may result from an actual or relative excess of antithrombin as well as from a deficiency in prothrombin oir Heraos'tatic Serum seems to provide for all the etiologic factors that may be at the bottom of slow coagulation.

And yet Professor Berg asserts that" the majority of the patients which the surgeon actually receives for treatment of gastric ulcer or other benign diseases of the stomach are too far advanced to be benefited by surgical treatment!" Tricomi reports ninety per cent of successes.

In the Edinburgh case the counsel for the accused contented themselves with pleading insanity; yet the one was declared insane and was treated as a lunatic, and the other was found guilty and sentenced to penal servitude for life. Operation was refused, and the child died. Besides other hospital cases which I could adduce if there were time, I have full notes of patients in my private practice in whom similar results as regards increased elimination of urea were attained. It is indicated even more if septic symptoms of even a minor degree are present, though no emboli have as yet entered the circulation. The serum reaction of d'Arloing and Courmont, and the ophthalmic reaction were considered of value in making a diagnosis: mg.

Formalin in the strength indicated was safe, as had been previously Cholecystitis, with Special Reference to Etiology and gall bladder was through the blood of the portal system; and from this source we not only had the catarrhal and parenchymatous inflammations, with occasionally empyema, but sometimes malignancy caused by the presence of stones. Backward children should have separate class-rooms and special care. The wound in the wall of the heart was found to have made a perfect union. Assigned to active duty, and ordered to Fort ordered to the United States; granted si.x months' Havard, Valery, Colonel, Medical Corps, and Lynch, Charles, Major (bulk).

They constitute, however, the most hopeful aspect of the present pathological work on cancer as far as regards the near prospect of discovering its etiology.

If this quantity were larger, the power of coagulation would not exist. The enormous population which is certain to be attracted at no distant day to this land of eternal spring, unlimited fertility, and inexhaustible material resources, will surely contaminate this dry and porous soil with disease germs, which the rains will as surely pour into your springs, wells, and water-cotirses, unless the sewerage is carefully watched and guarded from its source to its discharge, step by step, without interruption.


Admitting the hemorrhagic diathesis does not account for the unexpected and terrible result.


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