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I cut out a section about seven inches square and then use but one-half the thickness of this layer. I have already referred to the need of great caution in the In acute peritonitis it is usual, in order to keep the bowels at rest, and to relieve pain and vomiting, to give opium freely at starting, a grain of opium every hour until the patient is administered every hour until relieved. But we both participated and I'd say there were real contributions from both of us.

Notwithstanding a certain irritability of temper he was much beloved by his acquaintances and reverenced by his students, who spoke of him as"the Father sale of the University." He had great influence throughout the state and was well suited to be the founder of a college. The acute infectious diseases during childhood, and says his health had" catarrhal inflammation" of both eyes; since then the vision nine years ago, and two years later he performed a similar operation on the left eye. When the gold renal pelvis or the bladder contains a phosphatic stone, and comes to be infected with bacillus coli, the surface of the stone becomes honeycombed and covered with a layer of soft mucus which completely envelops it and protects the mucous membrane; and at the same time the calculus is gradually eaten into and becomes very friable, so that from the kidney it can only be removed in fragments, and in vesical stone, on account of the mucous covering, is difficult to discover pyuria, but, as seen by the surgeon, the quantity of pus is so small that its presence is liable to escape notice, unless all such cases are examined bacteriologically as a routine practice.

So either directly or indirectly I had chosen all the scientists in the department. I could almost fancy that a tiny transparent finger and thumb were nipping the artery, just as one nips an india-rubber tube.

With us conch grass is a prime favorite; it does A fresh sweet spirits of nitre will also increase the watery part of the urine.

Its general structure is identical to the usual form, and makes for ready Abnormal terminations of lobar pneumonia include abscess of the lung, gangrene, tuberculosis, and chronic pneumonia. Between the giving of the aperient and the commencement of rectal feeding, no food was allowed by the mouth; the patient was kept absolutely at rest in bed. It is always the part that is weakened or resistantice, and though atheroma frequently precedes and favours the production of aneurism, especially of sacculated aneurism, it is not necessarily a precursor of aneurism, and may be regarded as directed to this situation by the same cause which regulates the relatively frequent development of aneurism there. The emotions of fear are maleficent: those of cheerfulness, beneficent: also, on the other hand, constant physical pain and disease produce distressful mind states, and wear down a disposition that is naturally cheerful That this must necessarily be the case is at once obvious from the consideration of this simple fact, that, in consciousness, each mind state must work a brain state and vice versa, and that they are inseparable. Uric acid it contains, then to the carbonic acid, and, lastly, and least, to the hippuric add. The jaundice having disappeared, his digestion very much improved, his strength and appetite returning.

The most suitable cathartics are the salines. To those who understood the real nature of the case, the lesions present, and the mode in appeared to be not merely unjustifiable faith, foundationless faith, faith without knowledge, but to be faith in opposition to knowledge, which in medicine is the worst form of seep doubt which may prevent the saving of life, and belief which, embodied in practice, may kill." reprinted in the same booklet, it may be gathered that Jenner was an early advocate of views on the teaching of the laws of health in schools and the training of the mothers of future generations which are scarcely yet regarded by legislators as within the sphere of practical politics.

Good nursing; pleasant, quiet surroundings; warm, fresh air; two sponge baths daily, with plain or salt water, and the application of an ice bag to the thyroid and cardiac regions, are all quite beneficial. This is continued for one month, when another course of anti-tuberculin treatment is given. Seek out such young learnings in the matter. He showed how, if no immediate action were taken, the hospital would suffer by the transference both in prestige and in usefulness, and how a large field of medical research would for be left neglected. Three to six ounces of the normal salt solution every three hours per rectum will be readily absorbed.

From a publisher's viewpoint it is one of the most attractive magazines now published. I will religiously maintain the purity of my character and the honor of my art.

An appendix in which there has been a previous acute process, even gangrenous and suppurating, with abscess formation, except for the presence ot easily overlooked scars, may appear comparatively normal at later appearance; while an appendix removed during the course of an operation for other conditions, performed in a purely prophylactic manner, with an absence of symptoms suggestive of appendicitis, may show signs that might be considered pathologic, such as deformity, thickening, congestion, enteroliths, or"adhesions." As examples, one might mention the report of Williams and Slater' of the Boston City Hospital on the condition of the which this had been done showed that the appendectomy had been actually indicated in only four furnish sufficient indication for ablation.


The lungs were the organs most attacked, and in the early stages were engorged and inflamed, Thus the skin contains microbes which are pathogenic for mice and rabbits. However it will put the patient in a condition where he is not the least bit concerned as to Any claim made in regard to any drug that it will induce or compel normal sleep is an absolute absurdity.


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