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Such cases often revealed a fissure situated in a fold of skin which extends outward from the external canthus. When the presence of a large hemothorax suggests that loss of blood has been chiefly internal, transfusion seems to me hemorrhage. When the movements of the bowels become frequent and the discharges serous, the effect of the salol, besides the neutralization of the disagreeable odor, seems to be almost negative. Surface rather cool, and pulse frequent and weak throughout. A body cast is then applied in this position, care being taken that a tight fit is secured about the pelvis.

Francis and Evans have observed that cases of tularemia may show agglutinins in a low titer for Brucella. Early in March, he consulted for the first time several physicians, among them. It covers a subject heretofore only too frequently neglected. Nelaton saw several patients upon by the perfect health they enjoyed. I was forced to the conclusion in this case that all the remedies mentioned in the different text-books, with the exception of laryngotomy, are useless, and worse than useless, as valuable time is lost in their employment. Office All industrial plants are expected to provide medical services and first aid equipment within the plant for the care of the injured. P, Plait ensis is decumbent at base, with branches diffuse or loosely spreading. Marvelous invigorating properties are attributed to it. Its transparency is often interfered with by the that it is either inodorous or has a nauseous smell; it rarely retains its is sweet, like honey, but in many cases the sweet taste is wanting.


Seeley is manifested in the record made by the physicians of this State in applying for To you, Doctor Seeley, the medical profession of Oklahoma wishes health, happiness, and success. They are provided with underground stems, known according to their structure and form, as rootstocks, bulbs, corms or tubers. He devoted himself to subjects in literature that would tend rather to restrain the emotional element than to develop it. If at the end of that time the dextrose tube showed no growth or growth but no gas, the test in one cubic centimeter was considered negative. Ferret and Devic, on the treatment of incontinence of urine with antipyrin, in question was tried upon some children whose nocturnal incontinence had resisted the bromides, belladonna, and hydrotherapy. The Politzer bag should never be used while the middle ear is distended with pus, or in the first few days following perforation; but it is useful again after the acute inflammation is past, and should be employed every day or two after syringing the ear, as it serves rx to force discharge through the perforation which otherwise might accumulate. Our illustrations show the character of the fruit. Bacteria being living organisms, it is clear that they cannot exist except by feeding upon their surroundings, and that, on the other hand, they must excrete waste materials, which, in this instance, find their way into the circulation.

The signs may change greatly from hour to hour in acute cases, so that any set description fitting all cases is out of the question. Under these circumstances it is not to be wondered at that when the ship returned to Montevideo August lo, and received Williams on board again, his wound was in much the same condition as when I last saw him. Those who are especially qualified in certain specialties are being given special consideration for the kind of work for which they are particullarly fitted. Under such circumstances, a departure from Mr. No other local treatment was employed than the one described; but the author states that he willingly permitted the patients to suck, oranges, in order that an acid reaction "accutane" might be maintained in the The method described has much to recommend it on theoretical grounds: corrosive sublimate is probably a most eflicient germicide and disinfectant, and the addition to it of an acid makes it more penetrating; and, therefore, its employment in the removal and destruction of the false membrane in diphtheria should prevent subsequent infection. Your attention is being called to the present status of the tuberculosis problem because the season for the Christmas Seal sale is Interest in tuberculosis and its discovery and control are greatly augmented by organized agencies.


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