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There is no part of the body where these morbid feelings"will not seat themselves, and ape the more serious organic Jesions. Grenier, indignant at the bad faith of Helvetius, divulged the secret; and from that time ipecacuan became public property.

Wardlaw, whom our author highly eulogises for bis abilities, and M'hose statement consequently deserves attention, reports thus:"The shade.

I am glad to have this occasion to bear my testimony to what seems to me a very remarkable progress and elevation of our medical press during the past twenty years to a position of altogether higher quality, dignity and influence from what it has held at any previous period and while I am glad to bear testimony to it, the medical press, just like the secular press, is unable to secure the success of a false, hollow, empty cause; it can only accomplish the success of a true, real, vital issue. He also attempted to give the distinguishing cases of cerebral paresthesia due to insufficiency of the interni and those due to insufficiency of the externi, and recommended the use of nux vomica and strychinia for weakness of the interni and of belladonna, cannabis indica and other mydriatics for weakness of the externi. We think this is a very questionable The, predisposing causes of remittent and intermittent fevers are well known to be those which operate by producing debility, as bad diet, fatigue, exposure to cold and damp, swept off by sickness. Of progressive muscular atrophy, xiv. The eldest is twenty years old; the youngest ten months: winstrol. The debility left by an illness is also a condition favoring the occurrence of an attack of tlie disease in those who are exposed to its exciting cause. The heat of the surface is very great, with partial sweats here and there: the pulse, too, and, moreover, undulating.

The total duration of the disease thus varies from eighteen to ninety days. The police-station where the stretcher is possibly kept may be at a considerable distance, and much valuable time will in sucn case be lost before the injured person can be removed; while a cab, when it can be had, is seldom the easiest or best means of carriage. It is sometimes made of metal; but the pleximeters most used are of ivory. Mucus therefore represents a frequent constituent of the catarrhal exudation, and mucous as well as muco-pumlent catarrhs of the gastro-intestinal, bronchial, genito-urinary, and other mucous membranes are recognized. These altered fibres present transverse cracks and fissures, and ultimately break up into irregular fragments, which become smaller and smaller, and at last disappear, leaving the sarcolemma empty. Constitutional syphilis is undoubtedly often conveyed by inheritance from either parent. In a trial for murder at the Liverpool Assizes before Lord Coleridge, a few days since, a woman was convicted of the crime, and sentenced in the usual form (for). The senses of taste and of smell were blunted. Medical' pantaloons, fit only to, frighten thcjse who cap not i That the vaccine vesicle is healthy on the seventh day, but is on the eighth a pathological magazine, sUte' tb Carrydisea'se arid death to all against whom it is brought, np one Of, common,, sense can or will It Is well therefore to consign all such rubbish; With that- in regard to,; the communication, of disease through the rixedium of bovine virus to the vaccinated,''. At the end of a fortnight he had- all his ozajnic troubles back, and as.

In considering the distribution which will probably take place in a given plan, care should be taken not to fall into the common error of supposing that because pure carbonic acid gas is heavier than air, therefore the carbonic acid derived from respiration sinks to the floor, and that special provision should be made to remove it at that point. The inhaled foreign bodies, as coal and iron, are productive of greater disturbances, and arer well known as efficient causes in the production of chronic pulmonary consumption. The intense intellectual activity that has marked the progress of medicine generally has not been absent from this important branch. It was a sad, though curious sight, to see the supreme efforts of the child to articulate the simple word" no." Dr. Pills - there was extensive scirrhus of the pylorus, causing thickening and obstruction.


It is very evident that the Cesarean operation is much less fatal to women in this country than to those of Great Britain, under would seem to be almost exactly the same conditions, so far as the character and measure of the dystocia is concerned. The largest tumors were in the axillae, particularly in the right axilla, where the aggregate bulk exceeded that of an adult's fist: it was made up by other smaller tumors which were not fused together.

At the voice of these philosophers, who were by turns scientific, ironical, new institutions alone were possible. This is w hat I maintain; but here I only offer assertions; in a future part of the work I shall bring forward facts and cogent arguments in proof of tliem. Many childi'en affected vvith hereditary syphilis have had one or more nmcous patches on the lips; but tubercles are seated at the buccal orifice? lesions in any particular part imply that the infection has entered by that part. It is, consequently, an affection of very great gravity, and one in which the physician has hitherto found himself pretty nearly powerless. The characteristic of a contagious disease is its specificity; that is, the disease transmitted is always the same in its essential characteristics. His entire acquaintance with the structure of the humaii body is drawn from its analogy with the anatomy of the beasts, with whose bodily structure he is, indeed, remarkably familiar.


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