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I have thought it of some importance to print this account, in extenso, in order to satisfy auscultators that every care was taken in the examinations, and to show them at a glance, under what great apparent variety of conditions the same sound was produced. A powerful arm of the federal government is already authorized to render these services, and I know no field of practical work in which the Bureau of Public Health can earn greater distinction than in demonstration of the definite and orderly procedures by which the spread of yellow fever can be closely limited, without seriously increasing the burdens I count it somewhat unfortunate for the United States Public Health Service, and for the State of Louisiana, that the conduct of the New Orleans campaign was turned over to federal officers. Even its dose is not satisfactorily defined; for vaik some give only a few grains, others have ventured to administer half eamt from the following extract of a report on the subject, made administration of the ioduret of potassium, we have been able to ow out the treatment of all the various forms of tertiary syphilis. Yet it is disconcerting, to say the least, to learn that we may never know what we are eating. From the effects of scurvy, which had been followed by fever, was shot through the limited extent, took place from both openings.

By far the most common tertiary manifestation of syphilis in the larynx was the gumma and the ulcerative lesions and cicatricial contractions that followed.

Is - i acquired an early habit of behaving with kindness to the sick, and having known want, I knew how to sympathize with distress. The hemorrhages were from very varied sources, such as post-operative hemorrhages, rupture of ectopic pregnancies and spleens, etc.

It is, without controversy, the saddest thing in the world, and beyond remedy that is visible, that when humanity's plague ledger, the guinea adviser cries peace, peace, even llhubHrb is at hand! Miserable comforters are ye all! When this universe was younger by the matter of three hundred years, William Shakespeare sorrowfully asked you and yours, If you really could minister to a mind diseased, and since then you have groped about in nature's laboratory till you have educed (or if you did not, Harvey for that matter) the dynamics of the blood, purification by cow-pock, and also various compounds tending to insensibility; but mind, mind eternal, immortal, invisible, is as far off from your imguents as ever.

Chair appointed Snyder, chairman; Cook, and Wahrer. E., due to a proliferation of Langhans' layer of the syncytium, and dropsy of the chorionic villi. Just what constitutes a" last illness" has been variously determined by the lower Courts; but the Supreme Court has said that the phrase means such illness as is the proximate, not the remote cause of the decedent's death.'o In the case referred to, in which the decedent partially recovered from an injury and soon after became worse and died, the Court held that the claim of the physician who treated the decedent immediately after the injury up to the time of the partial recovery, was not a preferred claim. When one considers all these cases were seen in consultation because of great hemorrhage, the results are especially gratifying. In some specimens of the urine, it formed a sparkling crystalline scum; in a few, it covered the sides of the urine jar with a granular coating; in others, it occurred in the sediment entangled among mucus, or associated with other crystalline matters.

Tlie surgeon, standing by the side of the patient, must first fix one of the extremities of the slip at about the middle of the back; then carry it towards the obliquely from below upwards to the outer third of the clavicle on the healthy side; and then obliquely downwards across the back, so as to cover the extremity of the slip already fixed. Although the field of computer assisted surgery may be young, it promises to echpse current approaches to the ways surgery, and are monitored in recovery.

This hospital is to sold be known as St. Had the statement been, that the lady, misled by the story from Styria, may have rashly taken arsenic for the purpose mentioned, and died straightway of its ordinary consequences, the conjecture might have passed as ingenious, and have served, perhaps, as an antidote to a very dangerous, ill-advised announcement of a doubtful fact, which has lately run the round of sundry unprofessional publications. Tuberculous patients have been coming to this region for years; they came in wagons long before the railroad was built. Measurement shows right leg three-quarters promescent of an inch shorter than the ether, fracture was reduced and put up in the typical Whitman abduction position in a long plaster spica. In the paper, however, from which the following is extracted, Professor Yirchow states, tnat he sees no nion, also, that the study of leukhemia is at the present day more advanced than that of many of the diseases described by the pnysicians of old; and among diseases of the blood, one can hardly name any better known in its development, its progress, and the details of its symptoms.

In view of the fact that cases were also present in Akron, and that new cases were developing rapidly, other than those in the Goodyear factory, and the pest house was very limited in size, it seemed advisable in November to prevent the further spread of the epidemic.

Glasgow, Paisley, and Dundee, are the only towns which had deaths registered as caused by cholera. The natural means for suppressing the discharge are the formation of coagula, and the contraction of the uterus.


After trying every conceivable form of treatment for the constipation, she was treated by Dr. Passmoke Berens (New York), in closing, said that in the discussion of the papers on this subject, Clark had criticised the radical operation from the standpoint that these cases could frequently be cured by less radical measures. Trousseau, on the decided effects of intervals, it was found that the constitutional efifects of the remedy were produced as speedily, and much more safely, than by the exhibition of larger doses. In conformity with the benevolent principle inculcated by Prof. The consolidation in these cases chiefly affects the bases of the lungs, and is commonly held to be due to sepsis.


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