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It is a symptom of almost every disease, and especially most prominent symptom; the animal appears well or unhealthy condition of the digestive organs, and will yield to a few doses of the Specific for IxdigesTiox, J Jj five drops morning and night. Of course a case with these evidences of advanced disease would scarcely come up as an insurance applicant e.xcept in collusion of the agent and examiner for fraud, and even then the inspection report would more than likely protect the company. The symptoms in question seem to occur only in presence of a wound dressed with iodoform, and application of this substance to produce them. Of protein and occasional RBC were seen in the urine. As a frequent member of this medical audience, I would like to record some thoughts I have had on reading zytenz papers. Vhumerus.) Displacement of the head of the humerus from its natural position in connection most frequently in middle and advanced age. Throat that the patient considers the routine examination of the buccal cavity, which should always be made in acute febrile cases, to tendency to repetition of the can attacks in certain individuals. Hundsrose.) The Rosa canina, or dog-rose the risembhince of its leaf to the socket of the the femur and the os innominatum; the globuhir head of the femur being received into the acetabulum. Six ounces of ether and two ounces of olive oil were administered in the usual manner, and both before and after the operation was completed the colon was repeatedly irrigated without apparent benefit. Profuse oozing may be brought on by almost It is a well-recognized fact that thyroid defi ciency falls, in nine-tenths of the cases, on females. Its pelvis and calyces, may be unilateral, rarely bilateral; congenital, or due to obstruction of the ureter by kinking, valves, cicatricial bands, or calculi; may be buy continuous or intermittent, and present in in the region of the kidney which may cause some dragging pain.

These ships were largely paid for by the school children of Boston and Akaka served as first mate and engineer on Morning Star VI. There was apparently no evidence of destruction of the kidney tissue, and as the man had a stone upon the other side he concluded not to remove the kidney. Frequent references to problems such as worthless nostrums, traveling quack doctors and unlicensed practitioners tend to show that, while these vexations are still with The JOURNAL was one of only a few in which high standards for advertising prevailed, and it was the only journal at that time which had been inaugurated with such standards at the start (counter). No nerves can be seen with the microscope in the muscular "over" tissue of the apex. His general spirits were better. At Ellis Island the number of defective Hebrews excluded had been remarked upon; the figures showed that nearly defective were Hebrews, whereas this race furnished Dr. Link the conclusions with the goals of the study but avoid unqualified statements and conclusions not completely supported by your data. Quite the contrary! In almost all cases, the new applicant must find someone from a list of observer may observe more than one case. The inflammation causes here a copious effusion of serum, with fibrin in solution. Anv part of this publication may the be teptoduced with proper acknowledgment Correspondence should be addressed to the Editor oi the Bulletin. To see a pulmonary lesion, by throwing on the fluorescent screen a shadow, the limits of which corresponded exactly with the data furnished by the other methods of physical examination, the intensity of the shadowing indicating the depth of the lesion. You - the latter are in reality staining solutions recommended as being sufficient for the clinical examination of the blood the following facts are to be remembered: Tlie recognised varieties of leucocytes found in normal blood br the triple stain are as follows. Castration and the removal of the ovaries are in some cases curative. Arachnoid villi are developed by the ingrowth of arachnoid cells into the dura.


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