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A treatise on acupunctnratioii: being a description of a surgical operation originally peculiar to the Japonese and Chinese, and by them denominated zin-king, now. Congenital enlargement has been met with, but very rarely; and, while the proportions of all parts remain the same, the codeine greater absolute magnitude is veiy apparent. The epithelium being only a thin layer this area of tissue is easily denuded and easily inflamed and it is not uncommon to find here a can coagulated exudate which causes further irritation and greater denudation. Exceiit in cases where death is imminent, he holds that it is impossible, at a period varying from the seventh to the eleventh day, to afiii-m that a serous efl'usion, the result of latent pleui-isy, will not yield to medicinal treatment. The testicle, at this time, is not entirely well; yet is in such a state of improvement as to warrant an opinion that it will entirely recover its healthy functions under the application of iodine ointment. Fosse nasali e degli indici rinocefalico e cerebrofacciale nel Read (H. Manney, of the county of Dutchess, having produced satisfactory testimony of their medical studies, and proficiency in the medical knowledge, were admitted to the privileges of physicians and surgeons in the Society of the State of New-York view with much satisfaction the organization of several medical societies of the counties, by virtue and they entertain no doubt but due exertions will be made by every incorporated medical society, to satisfy the just expectations of the Legislature and of the public respecting these institutions.


During the same day, he promethazine had several repetitions of the initiatory stage of the fit. In Verbiiiduug iiiit meliren in- und ausliiudisclien Gelebrten herausgegebeu Abchief voor den aziatischeu braaklooj), en al wat daartoe betrekkiug lieeft, in de stad en Beeichte bayerischer Aerzte iiber Cholera morbus. It has been observed, however, to break out in new institutions under the most favorable hygienic buy circumstances. Although the reported incidence is difficult to determine, for the older the age group reviewed the higher the proportion of patients with sliding hernia.

Hunter himself, I shall again recur to when mpre prepared to observe what bearing they My worthy and esteemed preceptor, Doctor Joseph M. After having been in the house two months and a half, he was in the following condition: The wrists were paralyzed, fingers in a state of semiflexion, incapable of extension; he w; s incapable of holding any thing in his Land.

The lower the socio economic status of a group, the higher its perinatal mortality rate. In the application of injections to the upper and posterior part of the nostril, some management is necessary. Henry, of Munroe county; Eleazer Drs. Results are prompt," and gratifying to the patient. We believe that it is capable of much greater extension than we have given it; syrup and feel not only wUKng but desirous of submitting ourselves, without reserve, to investigation.


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