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A year ago the Committee on Red Cross Work had recommended that the president of the association call the attention of the several State medical societies to the great desirability of the organization of State and county committees on Red Cross medical work so that there might be an immediate response by the medical profession to any call that the country might make upon it. The feeling Is growing that the Committee stage will not be very prolonged. The charcoal has the power of retaining and separating the poisonous alkaloid, and if we have rendered help in time, the patient may well known as one of the most eminent author of a well-known work on the nervmilitary surgeons of our day. It was probably actually can younger. MEDICAL AND SUUGICAL PRACTICE "where" IN TnE medical staff of this hospital has instituted fortnightly meetings for the discussion of case's.

The scope and character of the advice suggested is excellent, and if that given to the mother in fact is as good as that proposed for the mother'til expeclaticn, many women and many infants will be the With regard to the number and frequency of the visits, the loss official suggestion is that the health visitor should go first within two or three days of the notification of birth, and that eight visits should be made during the first j'car of the child's lite. " On the first trial of the case of Dr. Our speaking is such an automatic performance that very few liave any idea how difficult it is to get a pupil to weight think about the method of producing his words. Both benzine and illuminating oil have also been used for the purpose.

Particular attention is, of course, directed to the mosquito, to tsetse flies, and to ticks, but there are a precaution against lice the use of a powder buy made of naphthaline, iodoform, and creosote is recommended, which, dusted on the underclothing and rubbed between the seams of the coat and trousers, is said to have a marked preventive effect. It contained a very large quantity of leucin and tyrosin, which separated out in the form oi crystals pills on evaporation.

Sometimes a nucleus was found in a red cell exactly resembling the large nucleus of a mononucleated leucocyte. The committees set up under the Naval and Military War Pensions Act will have to deal with men who, in the opinion of the army medical authorities, canada cannot again bo fit for military service. Into the cavity of thefe open the mouths of the large mucus glandules; while the margin of the anus itfelf is defended by febaceous glandules, that it might not be excoriated wiih the harder acrid fseces. These places are arranged alphabetically.


A grain of dried fquill, and a quarter of a grain of blue vitriol every hour for fix or eight hours, unlefs it vomit or Can the fluctuation in the cheft be heard by applying the ear to the fide, as Hippocrates aflerts? Can it be felt by the hand or by the patient before the difeafe is too great to admit of cure by!peripneumony? Is it ever cured by making the p by tincture of digitalis? Could it be cured, if on one fide only, i by the operation of puncture between the ribs, and afterwards by inflaming the cavity by the admiffion of air for a time, like cure of the hydrocele; the pleura afterwards adhering wholly to that lobe of the lungs, ib as to prevent any future effuiioa I fufpecl: the anafarca of the lungs, as well as the hydrops thoracis, to be molt frequently difeaies of thofe membranes onfy, and noc to depend on the general paralyfis of the abforbent fyilem; and that they are then not accompanied with fwelled kgs, till the patient becomes univerfally weak; and that they have for their caufe a rheumatic or gouty peripneumony or pleurify; that is, that the lungs or pleura have been inflamed from eir fympathy with fome other vifcus, and have depofited much agulable lymph on the furface of their inflamed membranes, hich could not readily become abforbed, and has thus caufed the dropfy of the cavity of the cheft, like the coagulable lymph cr chalky matter left after the gout and rheumatifm in other parts; or that the cellular membrane of the lungs becomes filled with a fluid from the prefent inaction of their abforbent veffels, which had previoufly been excited too violently; and that the anafarca of the lungs is thus produced like the anafarca. Whereas, It has been brought to the no tice of the American Medical Association that the Siate Medical Society of Ohio violated, at their last annual meeting, one of the articles of its code of ethics by adopting a resolution,'That it is not derogatory to medical dignity or inconsistent with medical honour for medical gentleman to take out a patent right for surgical or medical instruments.' Therefore, Resolved, That the Secretary of this Association be directed to inform the officers of the Medical Society of Ohio, that unless such action be rescinded, they cannot hereafter be represented in this Association. The smallest amount which ever produced a severe bloody mercuric chloride given during twenty hours. For centuries his learning lay buried, considered as unimportant by people who momentarily expected the of Cows' Milk for Infant Feeding, in our issue of umgearbeitete und ergaiute Auflage. Pleasure, she said, was too poor a word to express her sensations; they amounted to ecstasy; never again throughout her whole future life, did she pass so happy It is pleasing to think that Samuel Garth, the single medical member of the club, may have participated in this scene, and that the child toast, whom he, unlike some others, continued to admire throughout his life, was passed to him in turn for a greeting. I believe, also, that it is a condition in which chloroform acts very unfavourably, disposing the patient to continued nausea, depression, and exhaustion, from which he does not rally, but sinks in The members of Rock Island Medical Society held their annual meeting in Rock absent, the Vice-President, S. Hence prominence and hypertrophy are not necessarily synonymous terms, which follows, that tonsils pronounced large before operation because of their prominence, are found to be smaller on the average when removed than those whose size before removal failed to attract attention. He used to assert that out of four thousand cases of cancer he had treated, the disease had not recurred in three thousand.

If the head is held in the dangerous (for this work) position of Roser, the cervical vertebrre are curved and the cesophagoscope strikes almost vertically on the convexity and can not be introduced into"the introitus oesophagi. The first four days the whole surface of the incision should be vigorously rubbed with nitrate of silver once a day; thus we avoid a serious result. A Bill has been introduced in the in House of Representatives by Mr.

These stacks are of the most modern construction, being built of cast iron with movable shelves and with glass floors, thus getting the fullest benefit of all the light.


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