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Pathological examination showed it to be a glioma. It is well known that the Thames water, however good it may look, when put into casks will putrefy; and it is said that the decay of the interior surface of the cask, is quite sufficient to explain this; that if you put pure water into a cask, yet the wood of the cask being vegetable matter, and being next the water, becomes more or less acted upon by the water; and more or less undergoes the process of putrefaction, and so affords malaria.


Williams, surgeon-general National Guard of Massachusetts; Hospital; Prof. The child came from a location where, according to the father, numerous children manifested the same a complication of the malaria with one of the blood diseases.

The appetite was poor; the bowels constipated, never moving without medicine. Besides the pain in the back, she suffered fearfully while urinating. According to Grocco, in mild attacks urobilin Berthier claims that the hemoglobin cannot be removed from the urine by dialysis, and assumes that it is not exactly in a dissolved condition, but is connected with a very fine red bloodcorpuscular debris. The pain of inflammation is generally increased by pressure, at least by sudden pressure; whereas pain arising from spasm is generally relieved by pressure.

Two of the cases were attacked with paroniycbia of a verv violent character, extending to the tendon and bones. In the case of some patients, even those nugenix with the highest temperature, the fall was so rapid that ten minutes was too long, while in a majority of the cases the time was not sufficient, and the temperature after the bath, instead of an hour another bath was required.

There seemed to be sufficient evidence of perforation and peritonitis, but at the same time, the symptoms of lung involvement were so marked that the several consultants decided that surgical interference was unwise.

Blood-corpuscle; the pigment in them shows but little movement, and the infected blood-corpuscles are frequently hypertrophic and decolorized of constriction in the region of the spleen. You find that, like the pulse, it is more frequent than natural, or not so frequent as natural; we may have the respiratio frequens and respiratio ram, corresponding from with the pulsus frequens and pulsus rarus. On its surface, the outlines of the convolutions involved in it are distinctly visible beneath the arachnoid and pia mater, which are much attenuated, and which cannot be traced over the eroded or ulcerated area. Palestinensis has rather broad flat scales; differs also from P. If it had not been for this diversity, she could not have ascertained that the foetus had an ague, nor could the doctors. These operations had resulted in a considerable alteration of the terrible deformity, and in the cure of a double ectropion; in the left, this was rendered more certain by producing adhesion to a very limited extent of the edges of the lids (a partial ankyloblepharon). It was quickly removed and drains placed. The population of the Cocndl of Sheffield, Medical Officer of Health for the Borough for a Local Board Medical Officer of Health for the Urban Sanitary District of Crowle and Eastoft, in the county of Lincoln. Ordinary appearance under the is microscope, in cases where the sputum not uncommonly present. An hour, and is but slightly fatigued; appetite good; functions TUBERCULOSIS CONFINED TO ABDOMINAL ORGANS.

The hyperesthesia generally occurs in a small zone just outside the anesthetic areas though occasionally it may involve the whole dorsum. The death by this mode is very rapid, occurring often within the minute' after the commencement of inhalation (made). Ileschl of YELLOW FEVER IN RIO DE JANEIRO. Anemia occurs and develops the more rapidly the more numerous the generations of parasites and the greater the number of parasites in each generation. Children who are kept on an exclusive milk diet BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL for a long time become anemic, rickety, and, if the milk is always boiled for safety, have a tendency to scorbutus.


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