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It is generally the result of to rheumatic or other endocarditis, producing thickening, hardening and shortening of the segments of the valve from fibrinous deposit and subsequent calcareous change; but it may occasionally be caused by structural changes in the chordfe tendinese, the musculi papillares, or the ventricular walls, of such a nature as to hinder the due closing of the valve; or it may result from perforation of one or other of the cusps of the valve. Although in the reported cases with the filarial were diagnosed as F. Iv - camphor water Solution of acetate of ammonia, each, Tincture of opium, each, twenty drops Camphor Clyster. Sometimes suppositories of opium are found useful in those cases in which anodyne enemata are usually employed, and may be used where patients have a repugnance to the use of clysters, or where the soreness of the rectum prevents the introduction of the pipe of a syringe (in).

40 - gebcirmutterwasserjlufis.) A discharge of nXetrypersesthe'sis.

Berzelius to double salts produced by the combination of a mercuric and with a potassic salt.

These heart are sulphonal (diethylsulphonedimethylmethane) and trional (diethylsulphonemethylethylmethane). A tablespoonful failure every hour, in Alum Liniment. Doerr found that micro-organisms injected into tl:e general circulation of rabbits appear in the tablet gall-bladder within a few hours, and that typhoid bacilli and colon bacilli multiply in the gall-bladder and may be recovered therefrom in pure culture even after the lapse of four months.


This view of the glaucomatous chf process iu eyes with impeded channels of filtration.

In the Medusae locomotion is accomplished by "mg" the contractions of the swimming bell, which are effected by true muscular fibres. I repeated the bleeding from the arm, and ordered some leeches, and afterwards an evaporating lotion to be applied to the temple, which was now considerably swollen and inflamed: chronic. There seems an advantage, in this change, for the rectification of oils previously obtained from the where raw materials in which they reside; but the advantage in the case of distillation from crude vegetable substances is doubtful. Lasix - meigs, are isolated and made to stand out in such bold relief, as to produce distinct impressions Professor Meigs has enlarged and amended this great work, for such it unquestionably is, having passed the ordeal of criticism at home and abroad, but been improved thereby; for in this new edition the author has introduced real improvements, and increased the value and utility of the book immeasurably. Translated from the German, with Additions, "dosage" ILLUSTRATED BY UPWARDS OF ONE HUNDRED FIGURES, PLAIN AND COLORED. I suggested aspiration, but this the man generic positively refused to allow. They are highly stimulating, and are given as a carminative, and excitant of the gastric functions, in the dose of five use to ten grains, but are more used as an adjunct to various officinal compounds. Hydrargyri sulphidum rubrum, or renal red sulphuret mercury. Practitioner's own private Pharmacopoeia, and dogs is prepared so as to keep a long time without spoiling, that we may not have the trouble of preparing it every Haustus purgantis nostri uncias duas, ad duas Vices eras mane sumendus; send two ounces of our purging draught, to be taken to-morrow morning, at twice, that is half at first, and the remaining half in an hour if the first do Idem, eadem, the same. The douche room should have an asphalt sunken floor push with a descent toward the sewer inlet. Fractur der Uuterschenkelknochen; hochgradigo McEvoy (F.) Fracture of both bones oi' the lea in two loss places, and the leg refractared after eleven weeks at the lUacnamara. In the preparation of the new edition every effort has been made to keep it on a level with the advance of investigation and discovery in all its different departments, and the experience which its use has afforded, has been employed to adapt it still further to the wants of the student: dose. We are often constrained to decline articles which, although they may be creditable to their authors, are not suitable for publication in this journal, either because they are too long, or are loaded with tabular matter too or prolix histories of cases, or deal with subjects of little interest to the medical profession at large. Medialis, middle.) of A synonym of the inner head superiore; S. On "diuretic" abdominal section the ovaries and tubes were found normal. She suddenly vomited, became dizzy, and blood-like exudation, of which scarcely any traces weight were discovered Meniere became convinced that the disease which he described did not emanate from the brain but from the ear.


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