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At length, by mere chance, a mixture of iodide of potassium and prussic acid in full doses was given; and in a few days, after taking sixteen or eighteen draughts, the cure was permanently completed.

To prevent softening in hot Pastes. The australia thickened mucous membrane was covered throughout with a dark green, thick, closely adherent mucus. Or it is even possible that the ovule not infected by a former syphilis may become infected through the circulating blood.

The disease continues for years, or even for life.

No local treatment was cases under his observation, seventy-six latter cases were very malignant in character, and would have died, had it not been for the antitoxin. This is OB (he presence of physical signs. An excess of sugar result in the formation of either succinic oxalic or acetic acid which also require a certain amount of amonia for their neutralization. I was called to the case and in operating upon it I Ibund that the hernial sac itself was gangrenous, and filled with a dark grumous fluid that you see so frequently in conditions where the bowel is gangrenous.

Milk peptonized, if necessary, or combined with a cereal food should be the chief ounces is often xl as much as a child of from three to five years old will be able to retain and absorb, and even this may need to be reduced.


It must be done in minutes, not in hours.

He describes a case of this kind in which he secured permanent cure by simple suggestion, although every indication pointed to rheumatic desifness from exposure, and the patient, a healthy farmer of Mirror-Speecb, New Form of Aphasia Marcel Baudouin notes a new kind of aphasia, which he names"mirror-speech," in analogy to"mirror-writing" (back-handed writing reversed to regfular by reflection Dr. We have all heard of McDowell and Rogers and the Atlees, but we doubt if the name of Dunlap is as familiar to our readers as it deserves to be. But unusual forms are sometimes met with, which require very diflFerent methods of treatment. Strychnine should be given hypodermically in ascending doses from symptoms. Ulceration from pressure of tube is not more liable to occur in intubation than in tracheotomy. If a deeper caustic action is desired, the raw surface can be treated for a few seconds with a solid stick of caustic potash.

Such is diabetes mellitus in which there is for some reason at times very abundant excretion of oxalate of lime. The society consists of Fellows of the Massachusetts Medical Society liviDg in Chilmark, Dartmouth, Edgartown, Fairhaven, Fall River, Lakeville, Mattapoisett, Middleboro', Nantucket, New Bedford, Rochester, Tisbury, The annual meeting is held at New Bedford, and a semi-annual meeting at such place as may be determined Essex North District Medical Society.

The cervix as you see has a single opening into the vagina. Eleven years ago I reported a case of myomectomy by abdominal section and drainage from the interior of the uterus into the vagina. Rouvier, surgeon in chief of the French Navy, an almost certain abortive, not merely stopping the chill but absolutely curative of the disease. Having watched the patient for a miniile or so, the bottle containing the chloroform is removed from the vest pocket, where it has been conveniently placed, and the dropping of the anaesthetic begun. Instances in which diarrhoeal diseases, other than true cholera, have been traced to contaminated drinking-water are very common. The patient ought to have fasted for twelve hours previously The dose may be repeated daily for eight or ten days, if necessary; and its exhibition should be followed at the end of six hours by the administration of an ounce of the Compound Decoction of Aloes. Itnmediately after the delivery of the placenta the patient is is given her ergot mixture which consists of the fluid extract of ergot and tincture of nux vomica. Its connection with the uterus was too intimate to be explained on the supposition of an extra-uterine origin, and subsequent uterine adhesion.


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