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In view of this we believe that the organization of such a department would have a vital interest to industrial surgeons. Quarry Silcock detected a similar condition in a child aged five, who died of tubercular meningitis following cough and otorrhcea; the lungs and peritoneum were also involved, and the Fallopian tubes were enormously distended with caseous material. They say uk that there is no clear border line, so far as histology is concerned, between the benign and malignant changes; and it requires a long and concentrated experience, and the special knowledge and acquirements of a professional pathologist who has given much attention to gynaecology, to make out the difference with such clearness and confidence as to guide him to a conclusion on a question implying such serious practical consequences as whether a tissue change in the uterus be benign or malignant. Long corridors run the length of the' southern end in attractive sun parlors. He was appointed to some five committees although he never became a leader and lacked the qualities which made men follow, without question, the brilliant and powerful statesmen who were building a nation, but offered Rush an opportunity for close association with these leaders and for intimate examination The night before the Battle of Princeton he was invited by the council under General Washington to give an opinion on the use of the State Militia, which was followed. Requested to remit promptly for the fiscal to the fact that the publication of the Journal involves the payment of cash; in part to the simplicity and small amount of time required to register a cash subscription, as compared to the greater trouble of an open account; largely to the stringency of the postal laws with regard to bona fide subscriptions, on which depends the allowance of mailable sample copies. I can never recall having heard him say anything unkind about another person, or another profession, or another agency.

After college he tried some minor business jobs but acquired a distaste for salesmanship, figures, desks and business, and entered the Harvard Medical School, from where he was graduated in training at the McLean Hospital associated with the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts, and in World War II as Major in the Medical Corps.


Fisher, the last letter concern and financial support for the superlative Gross Collection. Supposing, in any given case, the endeavour to use Pacquelin's cautery for the purpose of destroying the affected tissue in a case of crater-like ulcer of the uterus be resolved upon, the parts must be nhs exposed by means of a tubular speculum which does not readily convey heat. It was apparently free of adhesion, but the uterus could not be reached. The author finds it necessary to take such a remedy every ten days or two weeks, even though he lives plainly and has regular movements of the bowels twice a day. The gas may be most conveniently supplied by partial oxidation of methyl or wood alcohol, using for the purpose a lamp of special construction, in which the oxidation is accomplished bymeans of platinum gauze or sponge. A dog can take as much aloes as will kill a man, but a man can take as much calomel as will kill several dogs. He folded his arms across his breast and said, I should think not. Findley's course was elementary but no less enjoyable.

We can save you Furniture, Carpets, Curtains and Mattings. The family doctor will discharge his function better and better; and the specialist will, also; for, his time not being taken up with the common run of practice, he will be able And, the people getting better medical care at less cost, agitation for As a last word, though, let me call your attention to a fact that many without experience in general practice forget or never knew, as shown by indiscriminate blaming of the general practitioner for not getting every patient with cancer, or appendicitis, or glaucoma to the specialist on time. I now cut through the muscular tissue lying over the rib, so as to expose the bone freely. There is no extraneous meaning or revelation, no goal; the meaning is simply: this is what's happeningno place to go. Here the eliminative treatment finds its e.xplanarion in preventing a general peritonitis, as the peritoneum is only an enormous lymph If opium is only to be given to relieve pain, this is not what was formerly understood by the opium treatment. The Irish agricultural interests, are protected by Messrs. Under this section of the program, New York City along the same lines employed for several years by the is really a grading experiment based on careful psychological tests of the children, and represents fundamentally an attempt to adapt school in struction to the needs of the individual pupil. In this instance it would have been impossible to reach the appendix through a median incision.

Short, sharp, jerky movements were, however, never absent. Some patients do not support the salicylate and suffer with severe headache, profuse sweating, ringing in the ears, and the like.

"Will you see what you can do with it?" she asked.


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