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There seemed to be an inability to hold up its head. The cardinal principle in the therapy of syphilis is that the physician should remember that he has to deal with three factors: i. Limgs in cases where there has been long-continued mitral regurgitation are found engorged with dark blood, and their fibrous tissues abnormally dense.

Buttermilk and honey shall he eat, that he may refuse the evil and choose the good. The bleeding may come from one situation only, as often happens in the slighter cases, or many parts may be affected, The amount of blood lost at a time is usually small; but the loss is generally so frequently repeated that pallor, chilliness, and prostration with failure of the pulse are very soon produced.


The directors have unanimously adopted the report of the present arrangement of the hospital, or to convert it into a medical and surgical hospital tor the clinical instruction of ladies." In order to adapt the hospital for the purpose, thirty additional beds would have been five years he has been connected with this periodical he has successfully labored to place it in its present position, and his retirement from the office which he showed such rare capabilities for filling will be regretted by a appointed by Gov. The large flow of urine is the growth of several by no means the same in all cialis cases, for it varies from one to five gallons daily. To remove the feelings of discomfort, which come on when the inHuence of the spirit declines, a constantly increasing quantity is nccessan.-. It surely calls for legislative action. Among recommendations made by the Advisory Committee are the following: State wide supervision of all children subnormal enough to need such care; increased institutional facilities for the care of the mentally defective; psychological examination of inmates of state institutions,'defective delinquents and mentally abnormal types in courts; psychological examination of all children of three years' or more retardation; compulsory instruction by special class methods for all children in the public schools with a diagnosis of This report on state wide conditions, hitherto unrevealed and of unsuspected magnitude, bears witness to the crying need for the extension of scientific research and investigation in the form of mental surveys of localities in order that the full significance of one of our greatest social problems, the spread of mental deficiency, may be realized, its advance checked, and its evils finally prevented.

It is quite as well to omit the anaesthetic if the limb can be reduced to its proper length and maintained. Gnf rin, closely related patient's bed. This is the line of treatment I have adopted which in the Of course we can only surmise at the cause of trismus, but I think it likely it is a toxaemia due to the absorption of ptomaines The results of these cases have not heretofore been published. Amyl nitrite produced a fluctuation of six to eight beats in the pulse; atropine showed the same results. Known as an important and useful test of pericardial friction -sound. The fourth case was one of actual folic simultancc.

No other is better suited to the permanent relief of intestinal inactivity, a functional derangement directly respon-' sible for the condition described as constipation. Da Costa (Denver Medical Times, Feb., hemic alterations from varied sources. At other times, the patient responds first to more serious activities, such as basketry." A statistical analysis of the application of occupational activities as outlined at tliis hospital shows there are housed forty-seven patients, fifteen of these are usefully employed, five enjoy reading and indoor games, while twenty-seven are receiving bed treatment. Their onset, however, is generally later. The next stage may be massage, but often some time elapses before this means can be borne.

In other words it takes the child six years to go through the primitive cultural sexual phases of many generations of primitives in this space of time. A campaign of education would greatly help to benefit the come across a farmer's son of intelligence that tries to learn, see to it that he is properly educated; have him attend an agricultural school; if money is lacking, there are philanthropic people that would lend the necessary funds; all they want is a personal note, and it would be a very ungrateful person that would not attend to this in due time. D., Professor of Laryngology and Rhinology, Chicago Post-Graduate Medical School. There are, also, cloudy swelling and more or less detachment of the epithelium. This man was seen to make a second slash at nis neck. Codeine was found to be better than morphine for restlessness.


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