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The same authority remarks:" With regard to the great mortality after the operation of excision of the hip-joint, much has depended upon the want of care in the after-treatment. Lactic acid fermentation is capable, so it is said, of liberating, under certain conditions, some very poisonous products from the casein of milk, which have played an important part in ice-cream poisoning of man. These are, therefore, more like cysts. A hot bath is an excellent method of treatment in children during the earlier stages of the disease as a means of relieving There are certain conditions which demand special treatment; sometimes dropsical effifsions require to be tapped, and former for ascitic effusions and great cedema of the legs, the latter for hydrothorax. In the optic nerve the increase of nuclei is not generally a leucocytic one, but is due, we believe, to a proliferation of neuroglial cells.


The latter group all had had one or more years' service. There is often a difficulty in arresting haemorrhage In the Nervous System there is, in the first instance, irritability, and later great mental depression.

I now pass on to the consideration of some pathological phenomena which, while on the one hand they receive a more or less complete explanation by the aid of the physiological principles to which I have referred, on the other hand tend to confirm the generally received physiological doctrines relating to the circulation. It has now been shown, in the case of IT. These amendments, commonly known as Representative Walter Pierce of Oregon. If previously handled the leading is only a matter of routine. It is important that we Start with a right Uhderstand ingof the meaning of discipline, as I believe thai many people resent the very term because they think of only one meaning of it and thai the leasl important in a school of intelligent men.

Parents, and chiefly the mother, somcAvhat frequently. In fact, so well have they worked, that in foreign countries, where factory-laws exist, especially in France, the medical element is about to be largely introduced. He was apparently an intelligent man; and, as indirect evidence of this, it is mentioned that his father threatened to turn him out of doors for not earning his living, althou-h it seemed plain by the poor fellow's account that he h.ad tried hard to do It. As to the natural mode of infection of this disease, nothing is known. All the purely contagious diseases, that is to say, those that never originate spontaneously or independently of connection with an antecedent case, are caused by bacteria of this kind. Moreover, the peculiar latency in tissues and the apparent ubero- and sexotropic character of the two organisms in cattle and goats, respectively, lend additional support to the above contention. Answer: The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Employee Education System operates from two major and converging foci. I by the Commanding Officer recycling and also the Squadron Commander. Then, again, the proposed substitution of the factory inspectors as sanitary inspectors instead of the certifying surgeons is another recommendation fraught with mischief. On the right side of the vagina is a similar cicatrix, only shorter. In myxedema an inversely proportional relation has l)cen observed between the cholesterol content of the blood and the rale of bnsnl rate of basal metabolism is manifestly increased by all of these factors, as shown by the accr)inpanving febrile reaction. The plastic method, in which the scrotal and abdominal integument is used to replace the deficient anterior vesical exist for retaining the urine within the newly-formed cavity With the object of diverting the flow of mine from the anterior surface of the abdomen and leading it into the rectum, Mr.

Without attempting to decide whether sometimes there is a primary centric cause, I would wish to record the opinion, derived from long and careful attention to the subject, that in the majority of cases there is an eccentric origin, and that principally of the internal organs, which by their disorder cause a rellex irritation on a corresponding part of the spinal cord, and then an extension to the nerves which pass out behind; sometimes only to those supplying the surface over the vertebr.i;; sometimes extending to those which pass to the front, when it has the form of neuralgia more clearly marked. This cattle tick has three feeding stages, to explain which it is necessary to begin with the eggs. The symptoms, of which p;iin is the most prominent, are attributed to a sprain, bunion, arthritis, or Borne other local condition. The Wileys and Waller fed sodium, potassium and ammonium chlorides and sodium bicarbonate in equivalent quantities to a normal man on a salt-poor, maintenance diety. Sections of the cortical substance cut in several places, after hardening in chromic acid (one-sixth per cent.) and in spirit, and staining with logwood solution, showed in all cases the same morbid appearance, viz., a great increase in the neuroglia and diminution in the number of nerve-cells. It is probable that the antisooi butic vitaliment is decomposed by the action of phosphotungstic acid.

Furloilghs are very necessary in order to keep the picked personnel in the best of conditions.


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