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Shaving may act as a source of irritation, but no specific parasite acts in conveying contagion. Give two grains of quinine three times a day, in a piece of fried or boiled meat, and rub the throai well with mustard. Guth, president of the auxiliary, expressed her appreciation of working with the medical Dr. Barth, of Leipzig, in examining per cent. Nour, Tzakis, and Van Thiel, have been invited to respond to this letter.

The Johnson award goes to the best scientific paper or commentary written by an Oklahoma medical Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating was the guest speaker at Saturday night's inaugural gala at the National Cowboy and reviewers with honorariums. The Board therefore urges upon the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Secretary of Welfare that they weigh carefully this need in a postwar construction program. We should very objectively indicate our interest and sense of responsibility by doing all we can to see that the distribution of medical care in Pennsylvania is of the best.

Lyle Hazlett, M.D., director of the Westinghouse Company medical County Tuberculosis Society, Williamsport; Elmer Highberger, M.D., a leading tuberculosis specialist and member of the Committee on Tuberculosis of the State president of the Bucks County Tuberculosis and Health Society, Newtown; and Hugo Thomas, Johnstown. May be of either poly or mono-articular variety, the last-named affecting the hip in particular.

This is probably due to the cool weather, as a German more or less measures his bank account by the size of his manure piles.

May be given poison, but is used to arrest putrefaction, to tone up (ind cool off the system. I will help OSMAA state officials organize a local M Drs. The dental strdents also attended two seminars conducted by staff of the Clinical Center Dental Department, as well as two one-half day sessions at NNMC conducted by Doctors Panky and I-kn on"Complete Mouth Rehabilitation Technique." In addition, the dental CCSTEP officers organized a series of six afternoon seminars which were conducted by scientists operating in research areas of particular interest to dentists. In anaemic and scrofulous patients the lesions are of a dark-red or purple color, extremely indolent, and are often situated upon the Acne is often co-existent with comedo It is produced by internal or external causes of irritation. It is believed that the museum has been of great help to the rnedical profession and educational institutions in this waj', and it is well worth while to keep the moving-picture films now possessed by the museum in constant circulation. Two new companies, PROklahoma Care and freedom to practice as they see fit. Therapy feasible for many conditions which heretofore could be treated only by repeated parenteral Diabetics welcome"Spot Tests" (ready to use dry reagents), because of the ease and simplicity in using. Tablets - infuse for six hours, express, strain, and decant. Evidently this is due to the great need that the lungs be thoroughly antisepticized after the liberation of microbes and the disintegration, if not the dissolution, of caseous matters as produced by the anesthetic agent employed.

Bladder.of a man aged forty-three years. Syrup of orange-peel, half an "furosemide" ounce. A jar of bubbles and balloons were given to the children and there were Airs.


These facts would lend evidence (if additional evidence were necessary) that "water" the sexual cycle in Daphnia pulex is not an inherent necessary thing but that it is determined Sitnocephalus, presumably Simocephalus vetidus, has been The comparatiye importance of pressure and of toxicity of trikresol in subdural injections of sera.


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