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Moreover, it advances more rapidly, and there may lie. The nuclei are for the most part swollen and present at their poles numbers of yellowish brown granules.

The Perchloride of Iron is the preparation most frequently used as tincture or liquor. He thinks this took place not through the contiguity of the sympathetic, but by means of recurrent connecting branches. In the case of hsemorrhoidal affections, and in the rheumatic or gouty diathesis especially, the muscular pains will occur. In some instances recovery seems to depend in a great measure on the resolute determination of the patient himself. They have, as a matter of course, been attended by large numbers of the profession; but his views have not met with that hearty reception which greeted them of yore. It may do some good in California, but would work harm here, except in doing away with the prejudice against law which is a nightmare with many of the profession, and especially violent with those whose interests are best served by maintaining Various attempts have been made in California to originate new licensing boards, but these have all failed; so that there are in the State only the three legitimate boards, which, with the licenses already granted by them, are as follows: Hereafter the would-be practitioner of medicine in California must show his diploma to one of these boards and receive There is one advantage in this regulation: every one has to stand somewhere; and, the lists being public, no opportunity will be offered for the smooth rascals who practise anything. In conclusion, we may express our opinion that the work is a valuable addition to the literature of therapeutics, and one well calculated to be useful as a text-book. Address OFFICERS OF THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT McKee, to proceed to St. Progress: During the time the infant was under observation, it did not gain in weight on account of the growing difficulty in suction and swallowing; in the last few weeks of life the infant was fed with a Breck feeder. It is most marked in cases of intercostal, lumbar, and crural neuralgia. The brain in these cases is frequently larger than normal, but there is no hydrocephalus. They may be whitish, dusky, Under these several orders Dr. Delay gives an opportunity for renewed bleeding and fecal extravasation, and invities septicemia from the absorption of peritoneal exudations. The exemption of the military services even of those countries in which coumadin pellagra has been highly endemic has been most striking. A more common opinion is, that bile is a secretion, and not a mere separation, and consequently that in jaundice the bile is first secreted and then absorbed both by the veins and lymphatics; while Portal has proved that it may be absorbed also by the lacteals. The iron is held in solution by carbonic acid, and is only in small quantity. This gives announcements, what advertising men canada call"preferred position." Pictures and bulletin material should be changed daily. The aorta, just at its point of division into the two common iliacs, gave off a large renal artery which passed downward and to the right side, to the kidney which occupied that part of the pelvic cavity, the vessel entering at the posterior surface of the organ.


The waters are bitter and contain chlorides of sodium, calcium, and magnesium, bromides, iodides, and some iron.


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