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The means, therefore, to be had recourse to, in order to avert the paroxysm, should be those only which are calculated to remove the internal derangements, in which it originates.

The results of these paralleled experiments, made under precisely the same conditions, illustrate forcibly and quantitatively the nature and extent of the sparing action of sugar for protein, as measured in terms of protein decompositioji. A redgreen-blind person "extreme" sees in the spectrum only two colours, separated by a neutral stripe, which is placed somewhere in the greenish-blue; all the colours on the side of the red (' warm' colours) are confused together, and all on the side of the violet ('cold' colours), but the -warm, and the and often rose are confused with grey of corresponding shade, and red is confused with shades of brown and greenish-brown. Those of Cullen and forms described by authors under the appellations of regular, acute, inflammatory, chronic, irregular, nervous, atonic, lurking atonic,"primary asthenic, primary fixed, anomalous, wandering, internal, visceral, retrocedent, misplaced, latent, more frequently preceded by symptoms of disorder referrible chiefly to the digestive organs.

This reform was first urged and repeatedly enforced by Mr. To amend its penal clauses, it now behoves the profession to ascertain what can be done with its existing laws to combat the various forms of illegal practice, which is alike a standing dishonour to the Government and a gross injury to the profession and public. Considered in its proper field it will be seen at once that the volume in the hands of students will greatly aid in the comprehension of a subject which in most instances is found rather difficult. I States Public Health Service, was elected an hon-'i orary member of the Academy.

This is not so and should not be so. For many months the limbs could be readily placed in any position without positive resistance and won hi remain so placed for some time, however grotesque the attitude; later they became less llexible and assumed a tixed position, which could not be changed without the Use of great force, which was avoided. Clifford AUbutt, in his admirable lectures on Visceral Neuroses, has not kept himself free from this error; for, while he gives us so much valuable information as to the cause and effects of the neuroses of which he treats, he is almost totally silent as to their cure. The reason was, of course, unsound, as the Board, when it referred the matter to the Committee, was aware of this condition; indeed, it is a curious commentary on the present action of certain members of the Board that the regulation was imposed, because it was considered to have been proved that the right of individual managers to visit the hospitals separately conduced to the production of grave scandals and abuses. The motor tool is attached directly to the motor shaft; the motor is covered by an adjustable sterilizable shell, enabling the surgeon to hold the motor in his hands while the tool is cutting: the weight of the outfit has been found to be an advantage rather than a detriment in its applitation. The addition of a number of very excellent illustrations contributes largely to the greater usefulness of the recent edition, and the work remains one of the best upon the subject of which it treats, for, above all A Text-look of Diseases of the Nose and Throat. It has been said that in adults with phthisis the tuberculous infection has been a retrogressive one, from the root of the lung upward, whereas in children the evidence shows that the infection has been downward. I ran immediately to Charriere to ask him to see if he did not have, perhaps, a little mirror mounted on a long handle. Ivast, New York City: There is an application of the neurological and secretory facts to the clinical problems. Noticed the great dryness of the skin, so characteristic of poisoning by -Stramonium or belladonna. How often does a nephritis date back to an early scarlet fever? Even in the degenerative form of nephritis the infectious play an impor, taut role in causation as they do in arterioscleI rosis. Being under ether, one of Sir H. Two stab wounds for drainage were made each side of the original wound and the latter closed throughout except for silver wire capillary drainage. This is the part which contains the automatic catch. The Board of Health and the Board of Trustees of Hospitals for Consumptives, as directed by convinced that it was desirable to change the policy of the state, and recommended various amendments to the existing laws, which affected The great importance of the care of the advanced tuberculosis patient in the municipal hospital is, to my mind, the educational argument. The circulation in the left hand is not so good as in the right, and there is some sensory disturbaiice. CoUie to carry on the duties of medical superintendent of the hospital for ijine months, tliat they had had no fault to lind with hiui, and coiUd find no fault with him, therefore, they had no more moral right to displace him than tliey had Miss Baker stated that she had attended Uie meetings of tho Committee regularly, and could say that there had not been one complaint respecting the manner in which Dr.

The adhesions were separated, the ileum freed and additional drainage of the bowel established by a tube in the proximal limb. He enjoyed extensively the friendship of his professional brethren. So-called ventilation means a draft.


Gleitsmann bad been trained so that the instrument worked very easily. Thousands of persons owe their vision to this happy discovery, who would otherwise have been practically, if not totally, blind. Governor Pattison requested five physicians of Philadelphia to inquire as to the mental condition of a man named McGinnis, who was in prison under sentence of death.


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