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It is air, and only differs from ordinary air, that we breathe and live in all the time, in that it is cold. To do this he got the nurse to tie the cord, and to cut it, and if he found the uterus not contracting, he applied a little friction; if he found the uterus hardening, he got his hand well on the top of and behind the uterus, and more than a few drops of blood. Protargol, originally intended only as a gonorrheal remedy, has found great favor in the form of a i-io per cent, ointment as an application for infected wounds or ulcerative conditions. But probably the most serious of what may be called the curable cases are those which arise after fever, usually of the gastric type, and of which the late Dr. Huxham and Pringle prescribed an infusion of it and serpentaria, with great benefit, in the asthenic and malignant stales, and during convalescence. Developments which have taken place during recent decades in the building up of standards of professional education and licensure, together with self-imposed standards of discipline and professional ethics, have, in the belief of many persons, resulted in substantial differences between professional practices and the generally accepted methods of trade and business. This elevation contains, at first, a little watery fluid (Phlyctenie), but it afterwards assumes a pustular appearance. Great attention ought to be paid to the diet; and animal food must be taken only in small quantity or nearly relinquished. Also throughout The pneumonia death rate so far this year is as The situation should not be regarded with complacency'. The delirium in these cases was entirely different from what is observed in cases of ordinary fever, but resembled completely what is observed in fits of hysteria, being fitful, capricious, and intermittent, and often of a trival character. It also fits many to return to their former occupations, which must frequently take place. In the simple form of ague, or during convalescence, when the practitioner is convinced, by a careful examination of the patient and the state of the excretions, that no complication exists, either a common plunge bath, particularly in sea-water, or the shower bath, will often prove serviceable, especially when it is followed by a genial glow on the surface. This is usually the result of frequent acute attacks and the causes enumerated under Acute Laryngitis are applicable to the"chronic" form. If only a slight infection is present, then, in addition to the above, hot vaginal and a single intrauterine douche of normal saline solution will relieve the condition. In any case of aphthous disease the history should be carefully noted with special reference to the presence of foot and mouth disease in the neighborhood or at the source of milk and butter supply. "Professor Schenk comes out with a theory that if a mother is kept on a nitrogenous buy diet and fat with little carbohydrate, it is more probable that a son will be worn.


Dentistry taught or fostered anything but lengthening of the'',,. Fever in its more literal sense now begins, and manifests its specific form. An individual possessing a mind so constituted, feels a laudable zeal in examining into the nature of a class of disorders, which concerns not only the existence of a single individual, but influences also the prosperity of nations; and, who, entertaining even a moderate idea of the responsibility which the exercise of his profession involves, can enter upon its practical discharges, in respect of this class of diseases especially, without feeling some desire of extending his knowledge of their nature, in order that the the most prevalent of all diseases, especially in some countries and localities; and their causes frequently cannot be avoided nor counteracted by human foresight or science. Meningitis presents classical symptoms and signs and can be classified as to etiology by study plus of the spinal fluid. It is then given in smaller amounts (the so-called tonic dose) throughout the disease, the appearance of symptoms being the indication for increase of the dose.

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