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This case, gentlemen, of acute disease of the heart, occurring in the course and as a direct consequence of acute articular rheumatism, may serve as a type of the affection, which I shaJl now make the subject of some general remarks, and have occasion to refer to hereafter. By strict attention to all these rules, and by gentle, well-timed, and progressive exercise, broken-winded horses may be rendered capable of performing a fair proportion of labour, and may even live a considerable number of years under the influence of this affection, by cautious treatment.

In cases where the mare is affected, the urine may be drawn off by means of a catheter. Snow-blindness presents itself as far north as the Arctic regions have been hitherto explored, while on the south it never oversteps certain degrees of latitude.


Neither is there any need of developing an immunizing power against poisons in the body, whether milk poisons or those of tuberculosis, typhoid, scarlet fever, anthrax, "safe" pneumonia, et al, if it is a relatively easy matter to prevent the effects of such poisons through a prohibitive course of action against the production of the poisons and their direct or indirect consumption. G., removal of diffusible substances from the circulating blood by Sippy, B.

In the peritoneal fluid of animals dead from peritoneal injections the forms are still short, but longer than on agar-agar. He luis suffered from no intercmrent diseaHCH except from octraHiona! attacks of (!old and cough, but on none however, been occasionally swollen and painful, the wrists have also at times been painful though never acutely so.

They take the line of least resistance and follow the career mapped out for them. There cannot be found in the writings of Ricord or Hunter a more vivid is description of these forms of disease than tiiat set down in the Levitical law. In another lunatic, two tubercular cavities were found in addition to the state of the lung and air-tubes already adverted to. This organism was found present in large or small numbers in practically found also the pneumococcus or the streptococcus, but the B.

The acid practice is founded upon a peculiar change in the symptoms of the disease which occurs in dysentery. It was a simple method and appealed to him as strongly as anything he knew of. The Sanitary Authority may make rules, to be sanctioned by the Local Government Board, for removal to hospital and detention there so long as may be necessary, any persons brought within the district by ship or boat, and infected with a dangerous infectious disorder. It has been shown now that the particular filth concerned in their localization was excremental filth, but again not simply as such, but excremental filth in some special state, and pre-eminently the excremental filth of persons suffering from the diseases. It is to the peculiar slate of the capillary vessels that the quantity of blood in any part is to be referred, and not to the force or frequency of the heart's action.

For this three conditions were essential: early operation, expert surgery, and a period of absolute quiet during convalescence.

Persons who took the best care of themselves, who always went warmly clothed, and were never exposed to the inclemency of the weather, took the disease just as readily as the half-clad labourer, who had to undergo daily exposure to all the vicissitudes of our changeful climate.

He complained of a bitter taste in the mouth, with a deathly sickness and weakness, and vomited a peculiar mucoid substance, after discharging the food it contained in the stomach; his James E., Sr., ate but little of the beef for supper, but said he had had a bad taste in his mouth all night. Some of these larger swollen cells contain granular material, which appears of a yellowish colour, and others are swollen out with a globule of fat, whilst here and there the cells have been completely transformed into fat cells.

The presence of continuous fever may lead to error in diagnosis and even suggest typhoid fever; or the fever may be assi ciated with chills as in postpartum sepsis, a form of anemia not sufficiently recognized or studied. In two cases the patients were brought in in the last stages and died a few hours after the really treated, therefore, eleven were of Types I and three of The method of administration of the serum was as follows: discover if the patient was hypersensitive. There will be appended a short description of the clinical course of each of the cases which were utilized in the course of the study. Guided by the same principles, I have frequently exhibited decoction of sarsapariila with nitric acid in cases of persons of a reduced and relaxed habit who are troubled with a slight but frequently recurring cough or hem, and the expectoration of a few bronchial sputa, occasionally mixed with blood, which appears to come, not i'rom the lungs, but from the eroded mucous membrane at the top of the pharynx and larynx.

Urine was not passed, nor afterwards general. Lynah and the cavity in the right lower lobe washed out with tincture of iodine. Everywhere throughout the left lung, but particularly over the lower lobe, were heard numerous medium and large moist rales. These remedies were much in vogue atone of our institutions a few years ago, for the treatment of apoplectic hemiplegia.


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