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" I told him that his symptoms looked alarming, and that I could not account for them. But inferences from these to the re vaccinations of these patients was derived from the statements eighty-four got, how many of the operations were successful, how many were performed after exposure to contagion of small-pox, and so on, we know nothing about; we know only that these patients were said to be persons known to be successfully revaccinated small-pox was extremely All other facts and statistics which I have seen support the view in which nearly all the highest authorities are agreed, namely," that the liability to a subsequent attack of small-pox is almost incalculably during the last thirty years fifteen thousand cases under his personal care, a majority of which, by the way, were post-vaccinial, states that" but very few patients have been admitted with small-pox into the smallpox hospital who stated that they had been revaccinated with eti'ect; just upon thirty years we have revaccinated all the nurses and servants, hospital, and not one of them has contracted small-pox during his stay employed for several months about the hospital, most of whom consented to be revaccinated, two only were attacked by small-pox, and these two were amongst the few who were not revaccinated." In Wiirtemberg, in five years, there occurred among fourteen thousand three hundred and eighty-four revaccinated soldiers only one instance of varioloid, and only one among thirty thousand revaccinated civilians; while in the same country, during the same years, there were sixteen hundred and seventy-four cases of modified and unmodified small-pox; so that the escape of these forty-five thousand from contagion was not from want of exposure. Ilayden regards the fatty degeneration as only accessory in the production of this symptom, the essential condition being, in his opinion, dilatation and loss of elasticity in the aorta," with which, however, fatty change of tlie heart is almost invariably associated." In another case he says,"Judging from my personal experience, such as it has been, the conditions of the aorta just mentioned." We think Dr. The blood-vessels which were found congested in these cases are known to be intimately connected with the vascular system of the middle ear, and the vessels of the middle ear are in direct connection with the circulation of the labyrinth, so that a congestion of any one of these systems is sure to be communicated to the other systems; and inasmuch as the amount of tinnitus is proportionate to the degree of congestion observed in the malleus, the conclusion seems reasonable that siiowing tlie risk, appreciated for a long time by a few but not generally known or recognized, of giving quinine either as a tonic or for any other purpose during an iiiHamniation of any part of the ear. Similar to iodide bitter saline taste; become yellow on exposure to the air.

Breast amputation five years ago for carcinoma.

The patient who gains weight rapidly and excessively during pregnancy and shows a tendency to water retention is a susceptible subject for toxemia. Tlie child is atrophied and looks like an oM man. Provision has been made in the clinics of the public hospitals for ninety patients and the worst cases are carried to the hospitals in ambulances. Our knowledge of this topic is in the process of active extension. The and severe attack, afiecting principally the left side; the face and head also were con vulsed, affecting one side and then the other. Houssay, Marenzi and Gerschman" showed that the K entering the blood, following injection of adrenaline or direct stimulation of the sympathetic nerves to the of both K and glucose from the perfused liver of the turtle was decreased by Fenn" points out that K and lactic acid appear to move together in relationship to muscular activity just as K and glucose rise and fall together under certain conditions apparently concerned with the movement of glucose into or out of the liver. Plans are being made to build eventually on the farm a colony of bungalows for about one hundred beds, but this spring one building will be erected sufficient for fifteen beds to care for disturbed patients and to relieve the Health Resort at Arlington.

Thus, Lister's first results with amputation, as obtained under his antiseptic conditions, at once satisfy the mind, although the conclusions are based on only willing to appreciate these results would hesitate to The operation of amputation is, however, in a statistical sense, a particularly simple matter.

Morgagni is justly said to have introduced the'anatomical concept' into the practice of medicine.


The former have produced an infection of the urinary tract in some instances, and post-operative adhesions following appendectomy have caused urinary symptoms by involving and constricting the ureter.

Again, if the question must be answered as to which of the two groups is the more frequently neglected, I believe that in this class the constitutional signs and symptoms are more often the ones to suffer. In normal or castrated animals treated with testosterone, there is no automatism and their reactivity to drugs is much less. On another page of the Review will be found a list of such remedies as are likely to be required in the Read at the meeting of the Specific Medication Male fern has a large perennial rhizoma feet high, arranged in a circle. Three times have I written the American Cancer Society, asking for the figures on the number of members who have died of cancer as compared with the death rate from cancer among the general population and among all men of comparable age. Provision is made in the Young bill for medical officers who are to pass upon the certificates of Usability to work, entitling the insured person to cash benefits, much as outlined in a Journal preventive medicine is made in the Young bill to a greater extent than in any preceding proposal we have seen.

Not seldom the cause of the child's overwhelming remorse and fright is pathetically trivial or even oiily imaginary: cvs. The BCDDP data, in eluding the follow-up studies, were supported by grants from the N ational Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. It had very few friends this year. Aside from the infectious element, the poor circulation in a moribund person would result in insufficient oxygenation and the development of acid products, and the generally demoralized state of the urinary mechanism would An increase in the H-ion concentration of the blood causes at first a stimulation of the respiratory centre, but beyond a certain point there is depression and final paralysis.

Contemporary with these authors are descriptions of the actual extraction of the In Imperial Roman times there were surgeons who devoted themselves exclusively to cataract operations. What only for those really coming in under the law.

Their jirufwr xtmUtgicftl tiiftniL' ii more swellings iu their continuity, the Hagella are lifoad.


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