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Liautard was named chevalier in the National Order of the Legion of Honor in recognition of his distinction as a veterinarian and his distinguished services as director of the American Veterinary College and his good influence in the interests of France in America for thirty-four years. Awarded Ephraim Professor Emeritus, Department of Pediatrics, College Committee on Sports Medicine, American Academy of University Medical College. Still Research Institute is now established in a building of its own and has an endowment of a quarter of million dollars contributed by osteopathic physicians for the exclusive purpose of research along the lines of structural derangement as a cause of disease and adjustment As an instance of one of the frequent causes of mechanical derangement of the skeletal structure, and one of the sort of cases which can be definitely traced from the standpoint of etiology, symptomatology, and therapeutics, because the exact date of the causal factor can be so definitely fixed, stand conspicuously those static skeletal lesions produced secondarily to prolonged general anesthesia: 60.

Welfare' would serve as acting deputy until a replacement is named. Streptomycin, One of the following statements is incorrect: B. The city medical services will also be reorganized. During these inspections I came gradually to realize that tuberculosis was more or less prevalent, and of course when I detected the disease from a physical examination the tuberculin test was required, and from these tests I soon realized that physical examinations were really of little practical value, for many animals showing no evidence of disease on such an examination, would react when tested, and in many cases on post-mortem would prove to Finally our board in February of last year passed resolutions requiring all cattle furnishing milk to the city to be tuberculin Now you can imagine what we were up against; opposition sprang up from all quarters, and from various causes. The foUowdng formula has been found to This is apphed to the eye twice daily in the same way and in the same amount as ointment of mercuric oxide. In the hospital or laboratory the diagnosis is made by microscopical examination of the blood. Le Fevre, in making the benefaction, said that she hoped that the gift would prove of material benefit to the institution in which her husband was so much interested and to which he gave so large a part of his time during the best years of his life, and that she wished in some way to assist in perpetuating his memory and in carrying vacancy in the position of hospital physician in the Bureau position will require at least three hours' time daily, the duties being the inspection and supervision of the tuberculosis clinics and branch offices in all boroughs of the will be required to conform to all the rules and regulations of the Department of Health, governing its employees. Skinner says that bandaging the affected muscles snugly at night will sometimes prevent spasm. Now in Mauritius the malarial fever was at the sea level with the great altitudes healthy. Sometimes, also, good effects are derived from the use of a few drops of tincture of capsicum, or small-aose granules of capsicin. A typical fever-chart was furnished. Physical examination ejection murmur along the left sternal border, basilar rales over both lung fields, questionable mild limitation of range of motion at the right hip joint on abduction and extension, and brisk deep tendon reflexes of his lower extremities with ankle clonus. This brings up a point of contention which necessitates a criticism of many of the big clinics of our country. The chapter on electrophysics is excellently written and should be of interest to the average dentist who neglects almost entirely this valuable aid to his professional calling. And prepared a special report on If you want the advantage of their experiences, lot of answers in just a few minutes of reading. Similar observations have been made regarding the relation of tuberculosis of the prostate "vilitra" to involvement of the kidney or upper extremity of the ureter. Inasmuch as various drugs produce a characteristic eruption, this fact should always be borne in mind by the physician, so that he may not mistake them for diseaselesions. It is significant that in that same issue is the finale of a one year series of Landmark Articles in Medicine. Using no more than the sedation required for an endoscopy, a gastrostomy tube can be placed in patients at high risk for the catheter orally and out through the abdominal wall. Tile following in the medical service: Assistant physician year; assistant in the pathological and bacteriological laboratory.

Still, change in the past is most often equated with progress because virtually every not be beneficial to all patients and physicians.


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