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Very considerable alterations in the shape of the joints may occur from the formation of osteophytes, thickening of the capsules, and retraction of muscles. This may not aeserve to be called hemorrhage, on account of the moderate quantity of blood that is eflnsed; but aside from that which results from rupture of blood-vessels it is aboat the only kind of it with which we are familiar. In pernicious anemia enlargement of the spleen was not so pronounced as in other conditions. It is always the chronic class which is more dangerous because it is more difficult to notice and guard against. Remarks were made concerning the increase of diphtheria in Minnesota and suggested the use of new modified diphtheria and tetanus toxoid for reimmunizations.

As in arteriosclerosis obliterans, coronary heart disease is the commonest cause of death, but it occurs oftener and earlier in patients with thromboangiitis obliterans.

To five kilometers behind the front; the most advanced point reached by the Italian Red Cross.

This comes about in a case where the husband is not the subject of a quite recent or acute gonorrhoeal attack.

The mucous flakes of amorphous and granular matter, crystals of diffiirent substances, and, according to Davaine, of parasitic forms, particularly the Circomonas Membranous casts from the upper part of the digestive track are, in rare cases, passed by the bowels. Indeed I have been surprised to find in how few cases the milk of the foster-mother fails to agree, if reasonable care has been taken in the choice. StiU, clinically, the fact remains. Within the last ten years, however, a revulsion of feeling has taken place, and the impetus given by the perfection of various electrical instruments, and by improved methods of uk measuring currents has reached the circles of practical medicine. Nagle believes that such could be more appropriateh ear, it was the consensus of the group that Crippled even though the other may have satisfactory hearing. The confusion which is caused by the use of the word tubercular to indicate a variety of conditions is great danger to the strumous lies in the possibility of becoming present time, when we consider the infectious pneumonia ot infiuenza.

Both the microscopical and chemical characters of the exudates of the disease under consideration show that they are widely different in nature from those of other diseases.

Tumor adherent to large portion of anterior part of lung, and so firmly that Inng tissue was torn in separating them. The antitoxin not only neutralized the toxin, but when injected into an animal prevented the development of the spores, and robbed the bacilli of their power to destroy tissue. Our correspondent thinks that if four or five prominent scientific sanitarians, of a forcible administrative type, were made to devote their lives to plague work in the Empire, in the same way that Local Government Board inspectors work in Great Britain, some good might be effected. How many more of you sent drugs and books any endeavor on the request of the North Dakota State assignments von care to give us on district or state level. The amyloid change is not limited to the liver, but extends to the kidneys, lymphatic glands, the intestinal with a simultaneous alteration of other organs, and as tlie deposits characteristic of the affection are dependent on long-previous disease of an exhausting kind, it is not surprising that the subjects of this affection present the evidences of a cachexia. Another was a little larger than the usual size of a pancreas, but, on microscopical examination, showed a distinct, though not very abundant, increa,se of connective tissue, considerable degeneration of the gland cells, and a marked invasion of the gland by adipose tissue.

Patently there are advantages both to the patient and to the physician in the centralization of such medical services, but to our dismay certain deterring factors arise from this approach. He has three brothers and three sisters living and well. To this phenomenon was given the name of the' physiological rheoscope.' The current here generated has been called by some' the current of repose.' Matteucci, I)u Bois-Reymond, and Arsonval have investigated the subject very 675 fully.


The disease, however, resumed, but without any of tlie severe pains which she had had prior to the operation.

It never impressed him that splenectomy could benefit the patient because the enlargement of the spleen was certainly a secondary condition in pernicious anemia. When the alkaline bile is mingled with the acid mass in the duodenum, it neutralizes its acidity, precipitates the peptones, and therefore stops all further action of the gastric juice.

And educators may contribute to the search for alternatives to violence in a world of inevitable conflicts of interest. A rising vote of thanks adopted this resolution.

I believe that the recent emphasis on eradication of tuberculosis is premature.


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