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He served as president of the Medical Society reviews of Milwaukee County and the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians. The atrophy of sclerosis scarcely admits of treatment, but it may perhaps sometimes be delayed, or even prevented from becoming complete, by the administration of full doses of stiychnia foregoing forms of atrophy, there is a variety which appears to be associated with chronic leadpoisoning, and in which the discs may acquire a peculiar gray or bluish tint; and the optic nerves may also undergo secondary wasting in consequence of other conditions presently to be mentioned, such as obstruction of the central artery by an embolus, or the long continuance'of pigmentary retinitis. This is only possible when the margin of the pupil is so far free that it can be dilated with atropine sufficiently to render the fundus of the eye visible with the ophthalmoscope. In fact, there seems so little evidence ofi which to base this assumption, that one might, with almost equal justice, derive all the bacteria found in the body from this same organism, and this, I think, the author would scarcely be willing to admit. Doctor Anderson says that one of the worst adulterated articles in general use is beer.

He considers that in mild, acute infections the treatment may be used. The latter condition is met with occasionally in the above organic ailments, the patient finding relief after emitting the gas endeavors to repeat the same process whenever the feeling of oppression in the chest takes place.

They may kill quickly or excite a disease of longcontinued or even permanent nature. Preston commends it fa phlegmasia alba dolens; but I think that it will often ciBi frequently at fault than the veins in that disease.

Compensatory or vicarious emphysema, which is usually applied to a lung which is doing part of the other's w'ork in addition to its own.

The only attempt made at precisionising the tonic properties of bark in former times was the doctrine that it doctrine was far more definite, and at once fixed its genuiner and certain range of action. Complete Rupture of the Uterus with Escape of the Fetus into the Peritoneal Cavity; Panhysterectomy; met in all w'ith fourteen cases of ruptured uterus; he had operated on twelve, three by plugging; all recovered; nine by hysterectomy: three recovered. Embolism may arise from detachment of fragments of coagula or vegetations; and this condition, and the development of pyseraic symptoms are essential elements in the course of the ulcerative form of the disease. Our soluble chemical nucleus acts much more promptly than the cellular substance, because we have free, which process in the animal body goes on slowly, but with less loss. The anesthetics used were first chloroform and tadalafil then ether, and the patient took both very badly. The rheumatoid pams induced hj Eiali biehxomicam rience has here also confirmed the indications of patbogcneif.

Rut is it true? If true, would the gall-bladder be a useful organ in our economy? The gall-bladder holds an ounce, from thirty to sixty ounces of bile are secreted by the human liver daily. May (Special Report to the Medical Record) Robert Reyburn of Washington, President, in the

Kelly's admirable biographical sketch of the leader in the investigation. The middle of it is over the appendix, the incision is first through the skin and fat down to the aponeurosis covering the rectus, which is opened the length of the skin incision, but a finger's breadth nearer to the median line.


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