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In those cases which had been previously subjected to i rapidly; still more rapid was the cure in those case in which mercury had been already used. One of its members is deputed in rotation to maintain continuous contact with the director or dirigents of the hospital bv means of biweekly, if necessary daily, visits to the In the form of the immediate direction of the business of the hospitals we see certain variations, which, however, do not materially influence its general In Vienna, tlie Allgemeines Krankenhaus with beds, are each governed by a medical director, with quarters in the hospital, free lighting and heating, eight w-eeks' annual vacation, and the right to a pension. The systematic examination of patients over a considerable period of time, thus ascertaining the physiological and bacteriological habit of the individual should become a more common practice. It appears to differ from the ferula erubescens, makes any mention of its yielding galbanum, the author is in doubt whether his plant be the same or a variety of it.

Hence it depresses or excites us.

Particles of chancres and condylomata suspended in salt solutions or in aqueous humor, were rendered inactive upon the (he virus of its power to set up specific lesion in the ape. It is also unfortunately the case that a number of German refMjrts state that quite thorough disinfection of the arm by means of sublimate solution and ether before vaccination does not prevent all inflammatory complications, but in some cases has actuallv seemed to increase them.

Two noted obstetricians are giving it routinely immediately upon the birth of the child; both have very large series of cases and as yet have had no unpleasant results, but until more has been done along this line definite conclusions had better be being incised in Cesarean section, or very promptly after extraction of the child, and when sustained by ergot this procedure may can be accurately determined that there is no disproportion between the passage and the pas-enger. This is very soothing and cooling, and most omen find it a great comfort. The third case indicated that the disease need not be considered necessarily as serious; continuing, as the symptoms were described, more or less for a quarter of a century, causing little or no inconvenience, the patient being very unwilling to tiy any remedy for the removal of the milky or CASES OF PERITONITIS WITH COPIOUS PURULENT The first case the author thought remarkable for the copious had suffered from peritonitis; the small intestines were, as is usual in such cases, coated with lymph. P.'s labors in the cause of the prisoner d'd not end Separate-plan Prisons in England and America." It is found in show that long sentences are dangerous to the health both of body and mind. Ich fasste den unteren Pol der Resistenz mit zwei Zangen, zog sie herab und offnete sie durch einen Schnitt in der Frontallinie. It is not the amount of calcium swallowed, but the amount absorbed that does good, and often the intestinal mucous membrane refuses to take up more than a minimum quantity. A large and influential delegation is expected from the American Medical Association.

The abdominal pain previously referred to persisted, though only at night, and was still accompanied by vomiting. Les observations qui precedent sont celles qui me seniblaient les plus interessantes en raison des symptomes ou des lesions qu'elles presentent en commun avec d'autres maladies; c'est justement ce parallelisme qui fait I'objet de ce travail. The Talma operation comprises the following procedures, after the opening of the general peritoneal cavity and the evacuation of the ascitic fluid: Roughening or scarifying the peritoneal coat of the liver, spleen, and great omentum and the opposed peritoneal surfaces, so that intimate vascular adhesion might be brought about between these organs and the opposed peritoneum.

Individuals exhibiting such disturbances would not necessarily be sick, and might for years live in apparent health until, at some moment of special mental or bodily stress, more or less slight and temporary aberrations of function would irianifest themselves. The work as a whole is most valuable, both to the student and practitioner." FOWEER'S DICTIONARY OE PRACTICAL MEDICINE.

It is not a difficult condition to treat, tho The erectile power can be temporarily stimulated thru stimulation of the spinal centers by electricity or drugs, notably yohimbe, coca and phosphorus. The patient feels a pressure-like soreness in the cicatrix which is most pronounced above the left part. Kaufen - the dance is still the hest and most efficient match-maker. Microscopically, branes with a telescopic female catheter (the only muscular coat were found to form the inner wall, instrument at hand), but they were so flaccid and! covered only by some loose fattily degenerated the head offered so little resistance, the catheter cell-elements; mingled with the muscular fibre-cells shortening itself also on my making pressure, that were round granular cells, blood-corpuscles, and I could not succeed; and, thinking it wise to wait small fusiform cells, whilst deeper in the muscular awhile before resorting to any other expedient, we I coat were remains of glands lined with columnar prised to find that a longer period had elapsed j epithelium first appeared near the cervix, where it without sickness than before; and we again waited,, lay upon a thin layer, composed of round and during the whole of which time she was improving, I epithelium, but his observations pointed to the and we determined to let well alone. Years ago diphtheria antitoxin came into general use.

Working on these lines; keeping the anatomical limit where possible, and, where not, preferring rather such non-committal terms as" simple continued'' than those expressing supposed etiological or anatomical characters, a comparatively short time would show such progress in diagnosis, with consequent increased certainty in treatment as has not been attained by following subjective methods.


Intelligent good-will and concerted action on the part of the hospitals must some day lead us out of Before closing, let me thank you for the patience shov.n in listening to my remarks. There are no pathocmomonic symptoms, and the condition is easily overlooked, unless we learn to suspect and watch for it bome cases will give no indications which attract the attention of patient or physician until the alarming signs of rupture occur. So resolute has he been in his investigations, that, according to his own account, he has given oft'ence to some of his patients by his pertinacious search for the traces of the peccant metal.


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