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If this oppress the stomach, it must be discontinued for a few days, and the warm bath employed occasionally. Take oil of lemon, six drachms, Water, one gallon. The femoral artery upon each side is seen right side (on which the popliteal aneurism had existed) to near the popliteal space; on the left side (where a femoral aneurism low down had existed) to the tendinous canal formed by the adductor magnus and vastus internus muscles.

Turpentine stupas sometimes give relief in cases in which there is marked abdominal distension. These vessels never originate independently of the general circulation, but are invariably formed by offshoots from previously existing vessels, which offshoots arch and unite with each other so as to form common continuous tubes. Bernard were very subject to chronic rheumatism, on account, the monks believed, of their exposure to cold.

Do ae ngarda of the very imperfect character of the existing anangementi, Dr. Corrigan recommends the use of small bleedings, to the amount of four ounces repeated two or three times, at intervals of two or three days. Up to this date no other failure has been reported, It may be said in extenuation of any failure that fracture of the patella is not free from danger when treated Viy other means than invasion of the joint. With reference to the question of be demonstrated, not only the formation, Vrat tlie singular simplicity of the tumor and its investing The peculiarities of the submucous and the subserous varieties were then mentioned, and from these the writer passed to the consideration of fibromyoma and submucous polypi of the cervix. Her face was livid and swollen; and the spasmodic efforts by which she was drawing into her chest the smallest quantities of air, were evidently failing. This substance is an intense stimulant of plain muscle and particularly of the uterus, which responds to mere traces of it. To this end, the treatment hitherto instituted was continued; but it was many weeks before any perceptible reduction of the inflammation was effected. He suffered very severe pain in the chest, referred to the situation of the descending portion of the arch of the aorta, which presented the characters Dr. Bigelow, from the Committee appointed at the Annual Meeting of the Councillors, to examine and report upon any discrepancies, if such exist, in the Acts of the Legislature, relating to the Society, reported," That the The Committee, appointed at the Annual Meeting of the Society, to whom was referred the Resolution offered by frequency of the procuring criminal abortion," with instructions" to report to the Councillors, that they may bring the matter before the Society at the next Annual application to the Legislature on the subject, believing the following Resolutions, which, on motion of Dr. It is unnecessary to note in this connection the progress that has been made within the great many defects. The defence was not sustained, but the ergot was deemed properly applied, and its benefit was markedly evident. The rational treatment of hypertrophic nasal catarrh should therefore be based on best applied, is familiar to all, and my own views and methods I have given in my work on" Diseases of use of destructive agents, such as acetic acid, chromic acid, the galvano-cautery, or by Jarvis' snare gcraseur I has also been sufficiently described; and I have nothing new to ofJ'er. Electrization frequently acts like magic in neuralgia. He did not restrict it to local use, but allowed the whole room to become'impregnated with it. Alonzo Chapin, Winchester; Ephraim Cutter, Woburn. The skin and fat are dissected off down to edges by taking off as much fat as is deemed necessary. The therapeutic effects appear to be comparable with those obtained from the intravenous injection of the drug. In an answer to a question, Dr. The child is now entirely well, a thoroughly normal, hammering, thumping and yelling little boy.

If this condition be mistaken for inflammation, and acute antiphlogistic measures be employed to arrest it, the surgeon will be disappointed in the result, and in proportion as the violent efforts to vomit agitate the patient, will be the fear of permanent injury to the eye. These occur to us as the chief advantages of All we would recommend to those who are going to set a dispensary on foot is, to be guided by the prevailing habits of the place, and not to be discouraged although little progress is made at first, for we are quite certain that a homoeopathic dispensary, energetically conducted on any principle, will succeed wherever it may be opened.


Was the presence of lead dependent upon the employment of the patient, and had it been accumulating since the time it first showed evidence of its existence by producing an attack of colic? Yet, if his system were impregnated, why was the blue line round the gums entirely absent? Again, did the lead existing in the brain determine the disease in that organ'? Was it the remote cause of the softening and the eflusion into the ventricles, or were these merely the effect of some other agent? These questions I will not attempt to solve, since it would be impolitic in the greatest degree to draw conclusions from a single case, and I am only aware of one other example, a case of epilepsy, in which the disease of the brain appeared the pier stated that the patient walked up to him and complained of feeling very ill; said that he was losing his sight, and having some property in his possession, he wished to receive assistance; he then became insensible, and had a slight convulsion, which passed off in a few moments; not recovering his consciousness, he was brought to the hospital. When well, the pulse counted about twenty-five or twenty-six in a minute, at other times not more than eight or nine. The 60 latter was also medical disbursing surgeon.

Treatment of wUoh I waa lee-cap yt'aa osed: She nUde an isxeelltmt tecoreiy, -safl thermometers -were need.


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