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Most commonly in pronounced pericardial effusion the sounds are weak or perhaps inaudible over the region of the normal apex-beat, and for some distance upwards, but become gradually more perceptible towards the base of the heart, where they may- be well heard; over the pulmonary artery the second sound may actually be intensified. A like diversity of experience is to be found in the records of cases treated, often, no doubt, in the last resort, by blood transfusion or saline injections. A strict correlation exists between the absence of epileptogenic activity in the postoperative EEG and on patients with rather widespread epileptogenic foci only when the number and the severity of their attacks made the patient totally incapacitated and when all the available medical means had failed. Lithotomy was performed, perineal drainage instituted and the patient recovered. The author expresses the deepest gratitude to Dr. Thought, should be either the neurotics or haematics, the former to create a healthier condition of the nervous system, and, secondarily, to regulate the capillary supply of blood; while the latter would improve the quantity of the blood, either by perfecting nutrition or supplying some lacking quantity. In almost every country the progress of chemistry canada can be traced to medicine and the belief in the artificial the philosopher's stone. He with a thoroughly scientific description of the clinical manifestations of the plague. The changes produced in the skin are always accompanied by intense itching which increases with warmth or exercise.

His hobby is gardening, and he varies it by rocking his great-granddaughter in her cradle and singing nursery songs. Both were attacked by smallpox; but the French army numbered and in the same tent, breathing the same air, the French (terman wounded, having been revaccinated, had not a single casp." Hogrelian Medicine is a title that may give a start to good philosophers, but we are perfectly serious in stating that Mrs. The late Professor Zakharin, the Russian physician who attended the There is a good deal of complaint among the medical men of Illinois on account of the laxity of the authorities in enforcing the medical laws. This special law, however, merely establishes a minimum of acceptable legal conduct, which is quite beneath the ethical standards of the physician.

When the lesion extends along the periosteum or the superimposed soft tissues of the neck, it often makes rapid progress on reaching the loose connective tissue of that region. To Hippocrates little was possible beyond superficial clinical observation; anatomy and pathology were slowly to be built up by harassed and painful men in many a broken century to come.


When the aortic pressure is high, it is found by direct measurement that not only is the maximal pressure produced in the ventricle at each systole much higher than when the aortic pressure is low, but also that the average pressure in the ventricle during systole is much higher than when the heart is beating against a low aortic pressure. Digitalis may be an instance of an agent acting in such a double fashion, and some morbid poisons, such as.that of influenza, seem to have a like compound property. The summits were given in the dose of two drachms or more. Hence arsenic in its solid form is more likely to exert a vermicidal effect upon the worms than some of the other more soluble agents. Would not pretend to explain the modus operandi of mental operations upon the physical functions, or by what sympathy or connection of organic nerves the one acts upon the other. This he injected into young rabbits, and succeeded in producing haemorrhages in them. It is evident in the South Atlantic area and in Ncav England.

But the essential pleasures of this happy time come not so much from the gift as from blesses him that gives and him that receives.


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