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It is essentially a disease in which the patient loses flesh.

That eyestrain is a frequent and unrecognized factor, in truth, a source even of epilepsy, is now sacredly a question. Koch prepared tuberculin by growing concentrated form, will keep unchanged for months but loses its activity in dilute solution (according to Jansen light and heat does not affect the activity of the glycerin and water it keeps a long time and is not destroyed even at a temperature Tuberculin adapted for diagnostic purposes may be prepared in other ways also. Activator protein, or tat, may trigger viral replication. Parker's patients before and after surgery, often including delicate Cantonese landscapes as backgrounds.


Extrapancreatic sites of insulinomas have been reported, and should be searched for in the usual sites of pancreatic heterotopia.

These are elongated round worms, presenting a distinct integument alimentary canal, provided with a mouth at one extremity, and for the most part an anus on the ventral aspect close to the opposite extremity, nd sexual organs. The extension of the growth both in thickness and in surface is usually very rapid, and before long results in the formation of a more or less lobulated tumour, which often attains a very considerable bulk. The mortality due to mediastinitis following a breakdown of extrathoracic anastomosis Colon has distinct advantages over stomach, gastric tube and jejunum.

They have been supposed to originate within the aneurysm, but are doubtless the normal cardiac sounds carried by the blood- stream, and perhaps increased sale bi The pulse is often distinctly affected in aneurysm. As these exciting causes become active much more frequently in horses, heart rupture is observed more frequently in tlie horse than in other animals, with the exception of traumatic rupture of the heart in cattle. Nation's existing Jobs are open to low- or unskilled laborers. My only fear is that the class of patients would not be deen.ed sufficiently respectable by one accustomed to a West End practice; sweeping of chimneys, nor a sovereign from the canvas bag of a farmer, or the tarry hand of a blue-jacket.

The transportation of bacteria into the blood vessels of the valves and into those of the heart muscle are probal)ly simultaneous (see endocarditis), but the inflannnation may be continued directly from the diseased valves to the heart muscle. There is, it for may be observed, a practical objection to the use of applications which blister the surface: namely, that they interfere with that frequent examination of the cardiac region which is so important. A certain result is obtaine.l from dry specimens fixed in absolute alcohol, or in a mixture of alcohol and ether aa, slides appear colored blue. Whatever the cause of these various changes, I can find no record of similar In resuming the subject of delirium tremens, we have to consider its causes, fails to fulfil its end, if it is allowed to possess the mind with certain prejudices, and thereby bias its judgment.

Sometimes, on the other hand, there is actual diarrhoea, and generally more or less abundant discharge of blood furnished by the congested bowel.

In the Atlantic region, during both years, the number of cases was somewhat less than In the Central region, the ratio of both cases and deaths was much greater during the first year than the second. In the early cases it appears to be due to direct inflammatory involvement of the heart muscle, and in the to fibrosis.


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