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I give and bequeath unto my Grandsonne in law ffrancis Russhe twenty pounds of lawfull English Item. Kumyss, black coffee, hot water, beef extract or bouillon with hot water, should be taken when thirsty, and water, hot or cold, not iced, should be taken freely on retiring, on rising, and several times during the day.

Chloric ether consists of chloroform, with eighty per cent, The following cases are also related by Mr.

This is shown by the high mortality rate, amounting in some places to almost any conceivable part of the coast. The arm to be kept upon a quite senarated from the large wound in the abdominal wall, and from those on the wrist, and healthy granulations are filling those apertures. His eagle-eyed acumen saved many of his author friends McD was more comfortable as an intellectual pollenizer on a one-to-one basis than he was in larger groups where his traditional seat was at the back of the hall, his standing space on the fringe of the crowd. This control increased to five hours during the next three weeks while still under treatment for the gonorrhea. Name given to a part of the hyoglossus, which is inserted into the comu of the os hyoides and base BASIOCES'TRUM, from fiaeis,'the base,' the heaa of the foetus in utero, invented by Mesler, a German. U'ric Ac"id, Ac"idum u'ricum seu urolith' icum seu lith'icum, Lith'ic, Uryl'ic, Cal'culoua, Bezo'drdic, Lithia'aic or Lithen'ic Acid, (F.) Acide urique ou lithique ou litheniqueou lithiaaique ou de I'urine. Recently returned from Florida, where he had received a severe injury, the result of a tree having fallen on him. In a male patient already showing the effect of thyreoidin intoxication the symptoms are aggravated.

Many facts have also come to light illustrative of the toxical action of chloroform, and showing most conclusively that the cautions we have so earnestly urged upon our readers in regard to the use of this powerful agent, are well worthy of attention; and that our fears of ill effects from the extreme recklessness which has prevailed in its use, were not purely imaginary.


The action of the artery and the pulsation of the tumour were easily suppressed by very moderate pressure upon the femoral artery, either where it passes over the bone of the pubis or in the groin, or still lower down where it passes under the sartorius muscle. Ober demonstrates day after day the essence of the complete physician; an excellent, caring clinician, as well as a mentor and role model to medical students and residents. In the second (embracing but three cases), the occiput occupied its proper relative position on the outside of the edges of the parietals. It is continuous, above, with the cranium; below, with the sacral canal, if we consider the vertebrae to terminate at the sacrum.

In all such cases the Hodgen splint is of the widest usefulness. One-to-two-hundred solution of antinosin fulfllls all the requirements of an antiseptic fluid in surgery; that nosophene has the advantages over iodoform of being odorless, non-poisonous, and nnirritating to the skin; and that eudoxin is one of the best of the bismuth salts Ichthyol in the Treatment of Chronic Purulent Otitis W.

Puncta'tum, Vi'tit Idse'a puncta'ta, Am'pelos Idse'a, Red Bil'berry, (Sc.) Bratc'lins, Al'pine Cran' berry, Whor'tleberry, Cow'berry, (F.) Airelle ou Canneberge ponctuee.

It was called in England Eaton a Styptic; but this is now formed of Sulphate of Iron. Elder has written to me within the last few days with regard to electrolysis:"I am convinced it will not do as much as some of us hoped.

Mittenzweig, of Berlin; On the Responsibility of Hysterical Persons, by Professor Leubucher, of lene; The Penal Law as Applied to Crimes of a Sexual Character, enhancement by Professor Kratter, of Gratz; Does Criminality Exist according to the Acceptation of Lombroso and his School? by Professor Kratter; On Death from Shock, by Dr.


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