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Another interesting item in the analysis of this questionnaire results in the disclosure that clinic and dispensary work is a dead loss clonidine for the contributing physicians in private practice. This presents an almost insurmountable problem. The right auricle was very much dilated, its endocardium in a state of fibroid thickening similar to that of the left auricle. He considers vitality as the agent, and not the result of organization, or to use his own words," as that emanation from the divinity which gives effect to organization." In this part, and in an appendix, he offers some strong facts and arguments in support of the opinion of Soemmering and others, that death by decapitation is one of the most painful ever devised for the execution of criminals, and that instead of all sensation ceasing on the separation of the head from the body, that the former experiences the most horrible agonies until the almost total extinction of its vital heat.

Muscles pale a mortality rate of about sixty-nine per cent. It will answer the purpose as well, and save trouble, if hydrochlorate of cocaine be added to the preparatory cleansing spray, and I have used this formula with success: making the principal application to the throat. Pyocyaneus when multiplying iu the same culture tube.


All morphia had been suspended and only tonics given. Williams had not made a vaccinatiou or bad any vaccine virus in his possession for over a year; that the lancet which he used had not only been freshly ground hut thoroughly sterilized in an alcohol flame before making the vaccination. The Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia XVI. Thick yellow masses of the secretion The patient had entirely recovered on September ist: eye inoculated from a fourth generation.

It was, therefore, in the belief that in Addison's disease we have, on the one hand, the blood poisoned by toxic material dependent upon the retention of effete pigments and their imperfectly metabolised associated proteids, and, on the other, that there was withheld from the blood what is normally contributed to it by the supra-renals, that I tried the injection of adrenal juice. The other opening was lower down and was the size of a large pea. Eesectiou should extend until muscle is reached, which has the following surface. It may be only for a time, but a renewal of the stimulus produces again a restoration, and it becomes a question whether the poison will destroy life before the stimulus saves it. In this spirit, and with an earnest desire to do justice to truth, as well as to those entrusted to my care, I continue to prosecute the subject. Baudelocque, physician of the female department at the Hospital des Enfans, has derived great benefit from the white oxyde of antimony, which he prescribes directly after bleeding: of this, he administers from twenty grains to a drachm and a half in twenty-four hours. Toward the end of the of injection treatment, and subsequent to treatment, the gastric secretion showed a return to normal percentages in quantitative and qualitative features.

As the proceedings of this Corporation are peculiarly interesting to medical readers, and have lately become the subject of much conversation in professional circles, we publish the following account of its organization for the present year, from a paragraph among the items in a daily paper.

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