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The zymotic death-rate was slightly iu excess of the average, and this was due to deaths from measles in the first quarter and diarrhcei in the third quarter of the year.


Thanks to AHA-supported research and educational efforts, millions of women have learned This space provided as a public service. The comedies or tragedies played in the theatre would often so immerse the audience in merriment or pathos as to banish for the time individual troubles; both priest and patient attended them constantly. Although the tumor separated easily from the surrounding spinal cord, a small piece of tumor could not be removed in the cephalad portion of the myelotomy. If one lobe is affected, we have respiration from forty to fifty in a minute; but if both, we have from fifty to sixty; and so, in proportion to the extent of the mischief, he breathes irregularly: it being high, and performed chiefly by oi side of the chest; and, after a time, we have abdominal gel breathing is deep-seated the pain is slight; and in the old and feeble the pain is is rusty. The ordinary treatment of ointments and powders will do little or no good. This form of giving the narcotic was selected, hoping to obtain the fullest diaphoretic effect. By using a compound horse-shoe "sale" magnet with a large bar of soft iron, wrapped with a helix, placed within its poles; when this latter is made to revolve rapidly, a current of magnetic electricity is evolved, and its pole corresponding to its geographical ones, and because opposite poles attract, the north pole of a magnet should really be considered its south pole, and vice versS,; hence the poles of the magnet are often called the marhed and unmarked poles. In spite of iti being dispensed by many different chemists, I have found great uniformity in the medicine supplied; whether then any greater benefit will be obtained by this special preparation mentioned by Dr.

The tendency is for the bacilli in the tonsil to be carried by the lymphatics to the cervical and thoracic glands. Richond (Army Medical Service) ofacase of luxatioc of the thumb, which was reduced after arthrotomy and disengagement of the tendon of the flexor longus pollicis.

Mercury, of warm water, warm oil, and, finally, a surgical for operation. It is a huge fallacy to suppose that a coffin of lead preserves a corpse indefinitely. Amann proved conclusively by serial sections that the growth did not come from the epithelium of which had originated in the cervex uteri. Created by Broussais modified the world's medical opinion on the question; we see also that such observers as Laennec, Andral and Trousseau had many reservations on this point. There is an exhaustive review of the literature, to which are added the results of the writer's personal work. When the periosteum has been stripped up or lacerated and permits displacement, the mobility will be even more marked and easier of detection in certain cases than in ordinary fractures, by reason of the regularity of the separated surfaces and the absence of all tooth-like projections." Swelling and ecchymosis have nothing characteristic; but pain as a symptom of separated epiphyses is of great practical use, as it indicates the precise spot where the solution of continuity exists, viz., at the diaphysio-epiphyseal line. Pulse rapid, regular, and of good delirious, and died with signs of oedema of lungs. An efficient medical supervision would, first, look after the proper lighting, heating, ventilating and cleaning of the buildings; secondly, it would make daily examinations of the children and exclude those who have contagious maladies.

By which means a chloride of the alkali is formed, and protoxide of mercury is precipitated in the form of hlash wash. Forms of fat; one had meat with palmin, another with an olein-free soap. Bacillus are the most common bacterial He emphasizes the fact that stasis of the bile is a very important factor. These studies were made by the aid of the X-rays; they are clinically capable of demonstrating the results that follow falls in different positions. White arsenic is eaten by large numbers of peasants in Syria and the Tyrol with the object of warding off fatigue and improving their staying powers. When the interval is too long, the impression made by one application has ceased before the next begins; they are usually daily, and may often be twice a day with advantage. In the epileptic we find an exception to this statement, and a special line of study has appeared in the mental aberrations of the uremic subject, including the period of preuremia.

In the treatment of hysteria, statical electricity has achieved its greatest triumphs. A certain number of cases were examined before and after the injection of antitoxin, and it was found that for a few days after the injection a slight glycosuria sometimes Department of this Journal are received only with the distinct understanding that they are contributed exclusively to this Journal.


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