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I ihink with care in the use of the force in introducing the probes this calamity can be avoided.

As long as the newly formed inflammatory corpuscles remained interconnected the original character of the tissue, although unquestionably greatly altered, still remained. That in such cases the pelvis is seldom or never afl'ected; and, thirdly, That the pelvis is never distorted by the application of instruments, in cases where the distortion is independent of rickets, or viollitics ossium." On the first of these aphorisms, the author does not pretend to enter into a minute or argumentative discussion; but merely refers to various instances of curved spine, and especially to one which he has delineated in the fourth plate, and in which the dorsal and lumbar vertebra- are undoubtedly distorted out of all form, while the bones of the pelvis are perfectly symmetrical. Some fifteen years ago a babe, three months old, suffering from cholera infantum, and attenuated to the last degree, was brought from the city to the Latourette House, Bergen Point, and came into my hands. Strong adhesions to the bladder and rectum were found, and in consequence thereof, the rectum was opened in one place and the bladder in two places in the process of freeing the uterus from these two organs. They should also they are cream playing trump cards every time they do so in all cases of Gastric Disorders and stomach troubles.

The members of the Committee on Credentials haviiig lefl the Association, the following new committee was appointed: and By-Laws of the Association, as amended, were orderM to of gratitude to Dr. The eruption is usually over in a few days, although there may be repeated crops, so that we often see fresh vesicles by the side of others which are drying up. In all cases where malignant disease is suspected, especially in women who are fat and flabby, the axilla should be opened up and the glands picked away from the axillary vessels.

Chronic, Inflammatory, and Degenerative Affections of the Spinal Concussion of the Brain and Spinal Cord. The scarification, if done with antiseptic precautions, is not According to the Bulletin Generate de Tfierapeutique, Galvagno has employed antipyrin combined with resorcin in the following formulae in the treatment of whooping cough in children: Sig: Of this, three to five desertspoonfuls are given Under this treatment the duration of the disease, according to the author, does not exceed twelve days. Cataract not infrequently occurs in persons shortly past the middle period in life, especially in females and those of inactive habits, as one of the results of venous congestion; but it also presents itself at all periods of life, for children are bom with it; we meet with it in youth, early adult life, but As perfect transparency is the normal state of the lens, so any approach to opacity is a deviation from that condition, which is a disease, and may be a loss I state fearlessly, that whenever opacity has fully occurred in the lens, as shall be unequivocally determined, though it may be slow in progress, or even arrested for a time, it will pellucid state.

The free use of carbol for twenty-four hours not only changed the whole aspect of the case, but allowed us to make such a free use of the probe and scoop for nearly an hour, that we finally discovered the ball half way down the cavity of the tibia, and readily scooped it out.

He was, from the first, a politiciui, and, the speaker believed, an honest one. Etude critique de l'embolie dans les vaisseaux Bettant (G. In severe cases the patient is sometimes observed to grind the teeth together; this is due to a cramp-like condition of the muscles of mastication, and is justly regarded as ominous. Championniere considers water especially good for the gouty. Thiazides should be discontinued before carrying out tests for parathyroid function. Much has been said and written in this country and in England about the relations of filth and diphtheria. These effects are to be ascribed, according to our author, not only to the changes effected on the gastro-enteric raucous membrane, but also to the simultaneous and indirect influence exercised on the biliary and pancreatic secretions, the mechanical influence of vomiting on the circulation, the change in the state of the skin, and perhaps in the nervous system. It relieves pain, diminishes induration, and reduces inflammation. Supra-pubic cystotomy for purposes other Packe (Christopher): Glauber (John Eudolph), Works (translated). As a flabby rubber band, when it is stretched and then let loose, no longer snaps back quickly and- strongly, so the emphysematous lung, when it has been stretched in inspiration, comes back again only slowly.


Perhaps our western country will be inhabited by brunettes eventually like the southern parts, Teutonic invaders finding their best places in cold, dark forest regions to the east: 005. Pieringer' s example of dedication, determination, and courage will remain in the hearts of the thousands of physicians fortunate enough to have known this And may there be no moaning at the bar, But such a tide as moving seems asleep, When that which drew from out the boundless deep And may there be no sadness of farewell, For tho' from out our bourne of Time and Place usp I hope to see my Pilot face to face Seated B. But just as soon as a sufficient degree of intelhgence was evolved to permit him to utilize some kind of protective covering for the cold winters there was a selection of the least hairy, for they were far better fitted to survive changes of temperature than those well covered with hair who would be too warm in the caves and too cold outside: price.

The profession is certainly much indebted to Dr Hamilton for calling their attention to the state of the intestinal canal in this, as well as in many other disorders; but it must be admitted, that a deranijed state of the intestinal canal is onlv an occasio;::-!' exciting cause; and, even when this cause has for some lir.ic ducing no apparent effect upon the disease? Our patient wr.s out receiving the smallest benefit.

A man to whom success comes later has always a feeling of back debts (not pecuniary), and like the beggar on horseback rides to destruction. He dodges the dangers which we must thrust on our soldiers.


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