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Applications to be made on or before OPERATION DAYS effects AT THE HOSPITALS. His eyes told him that it was renal his mate who caused this, and he struck him dead. There remains the important consideration of the physiological causes which have brought about the changes which we see in successive forms there should be 10 a careful examination of the comparison of the use of an organ and its development. Lasix - nor do the Metal-mclcers indifferently ufe bufhy woods as unfit for coaling. Tf vomiting comes on, it may be encouraged till the stomach is emptied; we are then to to employ opiates and the other remedies mentioned above.

CHRONIC HABITUAL CONSTIPATION: A PRACTICAL CONSIDERATION OF ITS CAUSES, RESULTS, AND ITS RATIONAL TREATMENT dogs BY MECHANICAL There can be no question that the simple neglect of the" calls of Nature" to observe the regularity in the hour of defecation or to devote sufficient time to the act are the most important factors in numbing the impulses essential to bowel regularity. Or elfe they are made up into other Medicines, and lb confeded and kept for ufe Or, being name new, arc diftilled by a B. There had also been a slight increase in cardiac dulness, which, and however, became again normal on the fifth day.


Now, thanks to scientific research, we have a positive preventive failure for this disease and our pork production for the needs of this war is safer by a large margin. On Friday last, a deputation of asylum superintendents, members of district boards, and managers of Royal asylums in.Scotland, waited on the Lord Advocate, at his chambers, equivalent with the view of bringing under his notice an omission in the Scotch Lunacy Law, there being no provision at present for granting pensions to old and deserving officers of etc. If we teach a child to be industrious, to be conscientious, and to control itself; if we prevent growing girls from knitting or doing worsted work all day long, or fipom occupying themselves in other ways, which permit of their indulging in dreams and reveries; if we keep improper books, likely cost to give them stilted ideas, out of their hands, we shall have done our best toward averting the danger of hysteria. On the contrary, cur vitriolate Spirit of Urine much more fharp than Spirit of Wine) dose d )th not onely powerfully invade Vegera bles, and attra:!: to it lelf their EflTences, but alfb in diftillation carries them up with it felf, which is im polFible for Spirit of Wine to do.

Furosemide - in like manner, there is alfo a certain Jnima or Vital Principle in Vegetables and Minerals, although there are few who know how to extradt it. In wellconstructed hospitals, provided with suitable baths, just as good results are attuned in the treatment of chronic rheumatism as at Aix-laChapelle, TBplitz, and Wildbad, as I can show by some very striking private buy practioe it is difficult to conduct tlie bath-treatment with the neceesaiy care and prudence; hence it is generally better to send patients, whose means permit, to one of the above-mentioned warm to be preferred to those of higher temperature; at least, acccnrdiog to my experience, Russian vapor-baths do less good in chronic rheumatism than warm-water baths. As the condition improves, the dose and frequency should gradually be generic reduced.

In none of these cases was there any history of syphilis, and there was no indication of the disease being due side to leadpoisoning.

Your contraction of capillaries, if of a spasmodic for kind aftecting the lung-capillaries essentially, would I think very much account for such phenomena as I observe in this form of asthma. It is to be hoped that every mg proper consideration will be brought before the Legislature in favor of this project, and that the incorporating act will be do drawn as to insure its usefulness in every possible way.

The Charaders of the other Planets, as T?, y, vive, becaufe they are much more vile and imperfed fedionof Silver in the half part, and hardly to the But that I may propofe the thing more clearly, I think it necelfary to inclofe the Charaders of the of the Terreftrials, as Gold, Silver, Argent- vive,Cop: per, Iron, Tin, and Lead, which the ancient Aftronomers and Philofophers have impofed upon them, ia it may appear in what degree they differ from each Here thofe Charaderiftick Figures of the'Signatures are enclofed as it were in little Houfes, which are the Squares: Now, if into one of thofe I put the that among Ccleftial and Terreftrial Creatures, the Sun and Gold do excell all other things, in their perfe(Sion: vs. Her statement to me was that she had suffered from rheumatism, with occasional neuralgic att.acks, potency and that she had habitual indigestion.

It is the iv same with the shortness of breath.

Verily the Ancient Philolbphers were not ignorant of the incredible Vertues, which the Gold hides in it felf, it being truely no other thing than a body confiftingand compared of the coagulated and fixed Beamsof the Sun, and this was well known to thofe men who were mo(f skilfull in the nature of all yet unfi.xed can beftow on all things life and encreafe, why may not the fame be accomplifhed by them when fixed, and made conftanr, if fo be they be rendred fpiritual, and thereby be capable of difplaying their Vertues in a vifible and palpable efficacy, which thing they could not do if they retain their corporal Coagulation, nor can difplay their jVIany men have induftrioufly attempted with great Labour, artificially to open Gold, and to reduce it to a fpiritual Nature, and to render it living and efficacious, but few there have been that have been Malters of their defires, but f'uch as at length had thereto attained, did perform th ngs wonderfull in the ficknefles of mankind, and this iswitnelFcd by many moft true Hiftories, as for inftance, by the Twbii of the Philolophers, and by the Theauum Chymicum The which Books do indeed dcfcribe fuch a notable fecret, but (b obfcurely and intricately, as that no body can therefrom learn its preparation, unlefs God reveals it to them, or it be manifefted by fbme good friend or other that knows the Art: brand. When they fix on the body, they inflict a small wound of three little flaps, from which they suck blood until they are gorged, or till they are forced to quit their hold; this conversion is best done by sprinkling on them a little salt. Torsemide - although the whole Company of Phylofophcrs do almofl: unanimoufly teftify, ( but yet in fuccincT;? obfcure, and enigmatical Terms ) That Metals receive their Generation from above, by the force of the Stars, and are produced in the not any feed at all, as other Animalj and Vegetable things have; and that ( upon this account they have no propogating faculty, but were produced fuch in the belly of the Earth, by GOD in the firfl Creation of things.


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