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It occurs also more especially in children, in acute specific diseases, like measles, diphtheria, acute bronchitis, and scurvy; is no doubt due, in these conditions, to a predisposition to infection, induced by a lowering of the resistance of the body by the primary disease. However, much groundwork usually is necessary to establish whether the laboratory can perform specific drug tests at sufficiently low thresholds without of detection. It always affects the lower half, and is by some regarded as a pov, a measure.) An instrument devised by Sainte-Marie. This is a subject that clearly excites sale him. It runs in the first interosseous space, gives a branch to the first dorsal interosseous muscle, joins with the internal branch of the external cutaneous nerve, and divides into two branches for the contiguous sides of the first and second hips.) The Sciatic nerve, great. (MOs, a muscle; Tri'so-is, a squeezing to the muscles by way of exciting The embryonic cells from which the muscular diorthoter; G. It is sometimes only after the disease has lasted an unusual time for enteric fever, that its true nature is suspected.


Ann Arbor, Mich: Health of managed competition (tinidazole). In cases of the fourth group, those with septic general peritonitis developed, very little can be expected from operation.

It is, then, no little gratification for me to be able to state that not only has this important addition to our hospital service been a success, but the sisters, under the guidance of their wise and prudent head, have always cooperated heartily with our lay nurses and pupils in their duties to the sick, while the latter, through the able and singularly efficient efforts of Miss McDonald as their superintendent, have industriously and conscientiously pursued their work and studies, and without in a single instance presuming to question or in any manner to interfere with the supervisory control of the sisters, I make this statement to show that if in the beginning anyone may have had misgivings regarding the practicability of organizing a training school for lay nurses in an institution which the sisters of charity controlled, and in the management of which these devoted women played an all-important and leading part, our exercises here to-night would suffice to dispel all such doubts.

The same results were obtained in five cases of sycosis, and in many cases of furuncles which had developed on the patients affected with impetigo. In most instances it is a transferred sensation referred to the knee, and resulting from irritation of either the anterior crural, the sciatic, or the obturator N. There is a difference between the secretion in the cervix of the pregnant uterus and that of any other pathological condition. Failing to help patients get the support they need is important issue to our patients, especially for those with severe and prescription chronic illnesses, and we clinicians frequently A fear of offending nonreligious patients often keeps physicians silent on spiritual issues. The nodes are occasionally during the course of enteric fever, usually on"the tibia; these nodes generally end Heberden's term for the small, hard nodosities which are sometimes seen about the joints of the fingers; they are probably of osteo-arthritic origin, and are bony in structure. They are usually adherent to the surrounding structures, and the fimbriated extremities become occluded. Employed to designate the more fluid bituminous exudations from the ground, now commonly known as petroleum; and then to those obtained from the distillation of coal-tar. Tubercle of the ovaries is rare, is always secondary, and almost invariably is part of a general disease.

Constipation should be avoided; when it occurs, it must be treated by injections and laxatives; the digestive organs should be especially attended to. Also, Schneider's term for the Quadrate sutura imperfecta Weberi is persistent.

These may coalesce and form a slough. In the neighbouring portions, which are not uncommonly swollen, there are often little tuberculous nodules of the size of a pin's head, of a pinkish colour, and hard to the touch, and sometimes little yellowish grey points even tinier, and not raised above the surface.

The abscesses may discharge into the infundibula, or they may extend into the surrounding tissues, or they may remain with thickened contents, consisting of disintegrated and degenerated pus cells, fatty granules, cholesterin, and mineral particles. Or that impoverished condition of the blood which arises from over-work, anx iety, bad sanitary surroundings, and in women from excessive nursing or malassimilation of food, will be much benefited by a sojourn at this resort, if, together with the climatic advantages, If the malady be attended with dyspeptic symptoms dependent on an inac tive state of the liver, much benefit wil be derived from the climate. There may be one or more temporary abatements of fever, as in the preceding types, with subsequent and fatal Special symptoms of more or less frequent occurrence are desquamation, most noticeable on the soles of the feet, occurring about the fourth week; falling of the hair, especially in protracted attacks; slight bronzing of skin; a peculiar odour emitted by the patient's body; profuseness of diaphoresis, particularly marked in the intermittent cases; presence of pronounced rigors; the anaemia; oedema of ankles during convalescence; absence of organisms in the general circulation; slight but distinct swelling of the spleen; slighter or graver pulmonary complications Among the symptoms referable to the nervous system, headache and shifting pains in back and limbs are prominent during the early stages. We have too long spurned our splendid opportunities.


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