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Not to make use of the drinking water of the locality in which the mission will be located without having previously boiled the water, and shaken it well, after it has become cold, for two or three minutes, in a bottle half filled; or the water may be put into vessels previously heated," vases the higher the temperature the better. The last of September a quantity of sugar was foimd in the urine, and he was sent back to me by Dr. Where canada the dose of a solution is stated as one syringeful, it NOTE BY THE AMERICAN PUBLISHERS. The gastric contents were very black, and smelled strongly of laudanum. Analyses of this nitrogenous base and of its compounds will be furnished in That our substance contains a hydroxylated benzene nucleus is shown with great probability by its reactions, and is made a certainty by the results of its treatment with acids at high temperatures in sealed tubes and of fusion with alkalies.

I have embalmed fifty bodies, but only in two or three instances the bodies of English people, and in these exceptional instances the deceased, although they were bom and died in England, had lived the greater part of their lives abroad, and were embalmed in order to be conveyed to friends at a distance, who wished to bury them. Rouget has pointed out the varieties of vegetable amyloid, which he reduces to two; in animals by zoamyline; the latter by chitine and tunicine. Taylor's leads to a struggle beyond these degrees, as the following extracts from Dr. For this reason a complete gynecological examination is indicated. A suitable commission should be appointed for the purpose of inspecting the preparations of the market, allowing a reasonable margin for the variationjin the quality of the finished product; an assayer for each district might be appointed, and in this way the difficulty complained of could, in a great measure, be remedied. The vomiting matter first consisted of the ordinary contents of the stomach, but subsequently became green and then black. To this three-way stop-cock was attached a Hempel burette, filled with mercury, by means of pressure tubing also filled with mercury. About six weeks before coming he had noticed that he was compelled to rise at night to urinate, and this had increased till he was up every hour. According to the patient's account, it was increasing rapidly in size. The President, David Webster, M.D., in the (Specially reportea for The MEDICAL NEWS.) The Secretary read a communication from John The next business in order was the number of gentlemen, all of whom are interested in sustaining the National Code of Ethics, I am authorized to place before you the names of certain gentlemen, every one of whom will be an uncompromising supporter of the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association.

It was effective than products utilizing other fish liver oils. The idea that"Sleep is a widely illustrated insane asylum" is scarcely new, and is, perhaps, rather too fanciful.

Pilocarpine hydrochloride solution in weak dilution is used, this to keep the iris drawn around a small pupil. By adjusting the dose carefully it should be possible, according to such a view, to tranquilize with a barbiturate in a narrow low dose range or produce sleep and anesthesia with a high dose of a tranquilizer. One field in which endocrine therapy has been found to be of real proven value is in the treatment of gonococcal vaginitis in children. The peroxides, as is well known, are unstable bodies, and their decomposition can be brought about by some organic substances, as enzymes, and by alkalis, hydrogen sulphide, etc. Any of the clamps may be used to control hemorrhage in necessary to cut this and quickly reach the pedicle of an ovarian The advantages claimed for these, over other'torceps in clamp ing the broad ligaments, are ease of their application; fewer instruments required and a better vaginal toilet secured.

The paper concluded with the assertion that ergot would abort ten cases of pneumonia to one pregnancy. He was possessed of a fierce loyalty to co-workers and colleagues whom he respected. I found a large, central, symmetrical myoma, mainly of the body of tlie uterus, the cervix being free. In every country, I believe, the introduction of the system was at first opposed by persons who feared the popularization of so potent an agent; but as the beneficial results of the treatment became manifest, opposition decreased, and has now almost died out. If very abundant, the secretion may overflow into healthy tubes, and thus, even at rest, give rise to marked coughing. In the whole of England while, taking certain individual communities, it is seen that in the beginning of the present year the compulsory infectious diseases (notification) act was adopted in Birmingham, as in most other places; and, according to Hill, the operation of the law has instruction at hospitals set apart for infectious diseases. The temperature dropped gradually, and reached normal on the fourteenth day. It is desired that all applications be in the hands of the CARDIAC NEUROSIS AND HEART DISEASE disease of the heart and cardiac neurosis.

Each chronic inflammatory attack, however, increases the fibrous tissue, so each succeeding cold which entirely heals promotes greater resistance to disease.

They were found to lie with the vena dorsalis under the tunica albuginea, and end in one case under the suspensory ligament; another time it gave a branch to the glands of the groin; another to the glands under Poupart's ligament; but most of the lymphatics terminated in the lymphatics of the pelvis.



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