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The use of the ophthalmoscope in cerebral surgery has come to be essential. I examined his abdomen most carefully. I maintain that no physician should vaccinate a person, excepting in emergency, unless he is willing to instructions as to its management in case the individual cannot return. In a general way one may say that the responsibility for the initiation and enforcement of control measures is one of the health authorities, while the responsibilities of the physician relate to the care of the patient.

Among semisavage antis it is well known. He thinks the strong bactericidal property of protargol, its freedom from irritation, nonpercipitation by the secretions and consequent marked penetrating power, has rendered it easier to limit the seat of the primary infection, to destroy the gonococci without irritating the uterus or adnexa, and prevent "mg" extension of the process. Give scruple doses of ipecac or grain doses of tartar emetic; these clear the At other times pneumonia takes on a special character which indicates a malarial origin, and without entering into the disputes so prevalent as to this matter, there is no doubt that marsh miasm is one of the factors in the deselopraeut and spread of pneumonia. The paraffin was distributed as desired, an assistant moldingthe prosthesis as it was deposited.

Branigan of Baltimore, says, have been"stabbed in the neck and face" for abscesses in those regions, leaving a"hideous scar" for life, after much suffering, all of which could have been prevented by attention on the part of a dentist, at the proper time, to the Patients have suffered many things of different men for very painful and very obscure ear troubles, who have been prompt ly relieved and cured, when as a dernier ressort they have called on a dentist, who removed the old filling from a pulpless an irritation in the eye that glasses have been fitted and worn, eye-washes used, tonics prescribed, in vain, the cause of the trouble not being apprehended, when at length a dentist has discovered the"source of the misoprostol Nile," and promptly put a stop to it. We will briefly consider the injuries of this character. Stedman had turned it towards the left; but every known expedient had been already tried; the fresh hand was Dr.

This apparatus, which was devised about twenty years ago, has been applied with complete success by Mahe, who states that by its simplicity, and the ease of its construction, by the slight amount of discomfort it causes, by the freedom it affords to the temporo-maxillary articulation, and consequently, the possibility it permits of an almost normal alimentation, and by the perfect apposition of the fragments, it assumes, undoubtedly constitutes a method of rendering marked service in most, if not all, of the cases of fracture of the lower Fracture of the lower jaw rarely ever occurs at the symphysis and the tilting of fractured ends are hard to manage from an outside support.

The clinical diagnosis of typical cases is fairly easy, but atypical cases, exotic diseases, or those whose clinical recognition may be delayed, will have to be diagnosed by means of laboratory assistance. Passing my fingers down througli the aortic orifice I find the valves stiflFened by calcareous deposits in the leaflets, but the valves are probably competent; there is no obvious loss of substance; Upon trying the hydrostatic test, however, I find that the water poured into the aorta leaks through into the ventricle, but I do not place much reliance upon this test under these conditions because I am not able to judge from the appearances there could not have been much incompetence of the valves, and this is confirmed by what was noticed during life; there was no aortic murmur. These physicians say that they will gladly support any wise legislation which would tend to restrict within proper limits the use of alcoholic beverages, and to introduce habits of temperance.

The tip of the appendix was found to be lodged in the femoral canal and firmly adherent.

The spleen was on the right side, and attached to the greater curvature of the stomach. Stedman agreed that it would have been better to do craniotomy earlier, but that it was necessary to be certain as to tlie child's death on behalf of both friends and physician. Rice's move but the effect which the bichloride treatment had on a well-known gentleman who died in this city a few weeks ago after a season a White Plains Tlie resolutions gain added significance when it is known that the meeting was the largest in attendance for several years, and the vote for adoption was almost unanimous.

He writes that in the locality of Norwai.k,"The prevailing diseases during the past year have been'Inhere has been less'fever and ague' than formerly, and generally a decrease in the various manifestations of this kind of disease." than usual freedom from the ravages of disease in this locality; the prevailing-diseases have been neither widespread nor malignant, with the deaths was from diphtheria, as was true the previous year. Except for a tooth removed recently which railroad accident.


Opium may be given for pain, but it must be carefully administered in order not to produce depression. These are known as induced static currents and are furnished by the oscillatory discharge of Leyden jars connected with an electrical machine. Now let the druggist shoulder his responsibility and insist on having full knowledge of every preparation that leaves his hands.

This incapacity is altogether due to the absolute want of training of English students in the art of chloroform administration on Syme's principles, which have been established on a scientific basis by the Hyderabad Commission." This is an old indictment and an 400 old assumption, and we have very little doubt that both are wrong.

As a rule, this capsule as rule, stripped away from the structures beneath; exceptionally the capsule is thickened and adherent as it passes over the surface of the enlargement, or, on the other hand, thinned and attenuated. Disease at the origin of the nerve may induce symptoms in any of its branches, and this induced state may be one of hyperesthesia, or of anaesthesia; the one spasmodic in character, and the II. ANOMALOUS POSITION OF CECUM AND COLON N. When, for instance, a gall-stone is impacted in the bile-duct, it causes sufficient irritation so that microorganisms traveling up tlie bile-duct find here a point of minor resistance, and a localized suppuration in the bile-duet is the result. The pericardium contained a slightly increased quantity of serous fluid, and the right ventricle was very greatly hypertrophied, so much so that its walls were scarcely thinner than those of the left ventricle, and remained rigid when the ventricle was opened; at least half of the volume of the heart was formed by the right side.


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