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That both conditions prevailed to a much greater extent among consumptive males, quite independently of their disease, than among a comparable series of mouth breathing, as also physical build, are known"to be hereditary, a family histon,- of phthisis is much more often given by those who are mouth breathers or of ill, on an average, at a later age than do others. It occurs in young subjects of from four or five to eight or ten years of age: it consists of inflammation of the labia and the external organs generally, which assume a deep dusky red colour, and in which foul ulcerations form, with a tawny grey, and sometimes an actual sloughing surface. This will not permit one to be careless about hemostasis, but it does keep the patient comfortable, lessen the nursing problem and minimize the chances for gross contamination of the operative site postoperatively (free). On the oiher hand it revealed an important point, namely, that the high ligature of the sac wis so effectual, that hardly a dimple remained on the abdominal surface of the peritoneum to show whore the hernial aperture had once been.

Then from that I have for over a year past been using this current, which Dr. Though her birthplace, Michigan can hardly claim Ora. The second came on when she was neither pregnant nor suckling: il lasted five weeks, ten days of which time the jaw was firmly locked, so that she could not get" a crumb into her mouth." She was bled for the first, repeatedly blistered for the second, and took sundry doses of calomel, opium, and jalap; and at last the irritation laboured under an attack very like peritonitis, but was nothing but hysteria This is trismus, idiopathic trismus. And, what is more, it is growing daily more evident that the investigation of certain pure spring waters known to possess distinct therapeutic virtues, cannot fail to throw much needed light on the action of medicinal substances in a state of extreme subdivision. With hardly an exception they are the product of our own factory, and made under our personal supervision, by skilled workmen, who, being paid lor their time, are not likely to slight their New Illustrated Catalogue, postpaid, on application, In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDIC AL AND SURGICAL KEPORTER. Today with the advantages of collateral medicine, treatment is markedly further improved: sample. " want of fuch cavities at the top of the hill, the found was at firft" infenfibly reverberated, till coming lower and nearer to the caves" and valleys, it was more forcibly dalh'd againft them." It feems the lefs Ilrange, that continuing founds, and durable impulfes of the air, or other fluids, fhould have a manifeft operation on folid bodies, confidering the multitude of ftrokes, which may, in a very fhort time, be given, by the parts of the fiuid to the confiftent body.


If we tie the artery beyond the tumor, we shall find, in either of these cases, that there are important branches going off between the tumor and the ligature, by which probably a current of blood will be constantly kept up through the aneurismal tu mor. Thus, when a man comes out of thefun-ffiine, (where the pupil contrads, to ihut out an exceffive light, which would be offenfive to the organ,) others there, whofe pupils have had time to be fo inlarged, as to let in light enough to render objefts vifible to them, which are not fo to him, whofe pupils are yet contracted by the light they were juft hands into cold running water, in the winter feafon, the cold we perceive therein cannot be called a mere privation; and there is a great difference But it was not hot before, how, therefore, could it become lefs hot? To this we reply, that the organs of lenle, confider'd in themfelves, only receive impreffions from outward objefts, but perceive not what of caufes belonging to a fuperior faculty, which judges whence the alterations made in the organs do proceed. The chapters on neuroanatomy naturally are unchanged, and the sections on principles of neurodiagnosis and diseases of the central nervous x180 system have been reorganized and more recent data added. I found it necessary to repeat the after cutting away as much of the cyst as I by keeping open the wound by injecting a solution of the nitrate of silver into it, and adopting all the other means I could of preventing the closing up of the wound and producing granulation; this mode of proceeding was completely successful: no doubt the surface of the tumor, and applying the nitrate of silver, or a pretty strong solution of it, to the surface of the cyst. If the eschar be removed by accident at any time, the application of the caustic must be repeated as.

For a long period the operation performed for this purpose consisted in pushing the lens downwards, so as to place it below the inferior border of the pupil in the vitreous humour. Body, a glass or two of the chlorated water should be' poured on it.

Maw Son and Thompson, of London.

Allbutt continue to publish his book with his title.s, etc., the President said that the measure would not come within the jurisdiction of the Council. Afterwards every Member of the College who was nnt included in this list of Fellows wos compelled to pass an examioation, and also pay a certain fee.

Einfst Hait to.secure imuroved Naval Medical Warrant", Sir William Smart was on each occasion almost in daily communication wirh him. Phosphorus is cumulative in its action, and should be appearance,of the smallest gastric derangement, the exhibition of phosphorus Phosphorole is handsomely put up in pint bottles only, and may be obtained at all first-class druggists throughout the United States. He wrote to his wife, the Empress Catherine:" I am well, thank God, and so we all are, only our bellies are swelled But haviug relieved my cynical soul of the doubts which a cool looker-on cannot but entertain of the specific therapeutic values of the various wells which are hedged round with so much mystery, I may say at once that of the value of the Carlsbad'' cure," as a whole, there can be no doubt, and that I do not think it is eitlier adequately appreciated, or that, in some respects, its iisea Eure altogether understood in detail by our English physicians. The same treatment was again carried out, and fifteen further cauterisations with the solid stick were performed in the course of two months and a half. John Long, when any of his proselytes are rational enough to serve him in a similar manner; we do not mean literally, that they should think the ablution might be serviceable, investigate the grounds on which his ephemeral reputation rests. This affection, when it has taken enumerate the venereal poison; but I have place, has been preceded by, and accompa- been inclined to suppose that this has been nied with severe general indisposition. This Bureau has endeavored to assist in helping doctors find suitable location in our state as well as act as a clearing house ignite for communities which write to find medical personnel for them.

He thought that many cases of pelvic haematocele that ended in recovery were probably due to unsuspected extra-uterine gestation. The difficulties increase with every day that the reduction is delayed; and in practice it would be desirable that we should have what length of time, at what number of days, or at what number of weeks, we may expect to reduce this or that dislocation.


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