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Decision of infected, and disinfection of stables, harness, vehicles, utensils, manure and other infected things, mallein diagnosis; attendants should avoid handling suspicious horses, except with sound hands, and disinfect latter. The nitrate may also be of service in cases where exuberant granulations have been Surgeon Nautical Ship" Mercury." negroes of certain districts on the western coast of Africa, has never, I believe, been noticetl in the medical" journals of this country, which is not surprising when we consider that a knowledge of it is practically unimportant to the profession outside of the district where it occurs. Throughout the paper there is no acknowledgment made that he owed even a hint to any source. He had none of the usual since which time his sight had began to fail him; had never contracted any disease or been sick before the present attack. Morris, one of the most eminent surgeons of the present day, has the following to say of the value of the sense of touch in the diagnosis and prognosis of appendicitis:"In any form of appendicitis, palpation is the first and by all means the most important procedure upon which to depend for obtaining testimony. It has been employed with some success in atrophy of the prostate gland, but in view of its enlarging influence upon other glands of the sexual system, it does not seem probable that it can exert the great reducing action upon the prostate claimed for it by some authors. We disagree absolutely with Konig on the removal of an appendix through the smallest possible incision, as by so doing coexistent diseases of other organs, as cholelithiasis, duodenal ulcer, adhesions of the sigmoid or gynecologic complications, may be entirely overlooked. We congratulate our friends upon the early We give below some of the more important features of the law: passage of this act, except as hereinafter provided, for any person unless a registered pharmaceutist, within the meaning of this act, to open or'condnct any pharmacy or store for retailing, dispensing, or compounding medicines or poisons, or for any one not a registered pharmaceutist, in the State of North Carolina: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall prevent the stilc of patent or of peppermint, paregoric, orlandanam in original package, calomel, ciation, shall be a code graduate of some college in pharmacy, recognized by the North Carolina Pharmacentical Association, or shall, at the passage of this act, hare had three years practical experience in the preparation of physician's prescriptions and in compounding and vending medicines and poisons, or shall be a licentiate of pharmacy of the Board of Pharmacy of North Carolina, or one who is or has been a regnlar practicing physician, as hereinafter provided. Graham and Sheard described others of a similar nature which they had observed. The pulse is still irregular and presents evidence A fourth case of exophthalmic goitre haa come Tinder my observation, but as its onset was so sudden and its duration so short, I con aider that the ergot which vraa given had but little to do with the result. Her condition was quite alarming, so that the nurse and family were marked.

It secreted no milk, though the left breast was in perfect order during lactation.


The lymph ("ovine") should be taken from a mild case of the disease, and from a vesicle at full inches behind the anus. This should be followed by vaginal delivery, if possible, by forceps, cervix should be sufficiently dilated to permit version and the bringing down of one or both thighs and the breech.

We ask ourselves at once, what is there peculiar and distinctive in this case? And we carefully scan all the symptoms until we find it. It is quite po.ssible that man, like animals, may be infected directly from the soil or water, or from the same source through the medium of flies or wind blown dust, yet undoubted cases of this kind are rare or unrecognized. At this moment he lowers the receiver below the level of the stomach, and above the bason. He leaves a wife and five of a family (three daughters and two sons), to mourn his loss. Although the quantity of urine differs so much under different circumstances, the amount of solids excreted by the kidneys in the twenty-four hours remains very nearly the same, being on From this it is obvious that the height of the specific gravity must vary inversely with the amount secreted, so that the more scanty the urine the higher we expect to find the percentage of It has just been seen that the arterial twig, or afferent vessel, which enters the capsule of Malpighi, breaks:tp into a set of capillary loops, which are only covered by a single layer of extremely thin epithelial cells separating them from the lumen of the urinary tubule, and that the pressure in the vessels of the glomerulus is habitually higher than in most capillaries, and constantly greater than that of the second capillary network around The general arrangement of these vessels, and the high pressure in the glomerulus, give the impression that it is simply a filtering apparatus by means of which the fluid parts of the blood pass into the urinary tubules. For the improvement that has been already wrought we owe much to the medical profession; for the larger improvement which I am persuaded is to come we shall owe it still more.

The destruction first by lung plague and later by rinderpest has made the cattle industry ex treniely hazardous, and even before the advent of the rinderpest many had abandoned cattle and taken to sheep.

Ingestion of Cd causes gastro-intestinal poisoning similar worx to food poisoning in symptomology. This was the only symptom when coupon the case was presented at the clinic. The current qaotes an'experienced dairyman' as expressing surprise that recent address before the Illinois Dairj-men's Association: refrigerator cars, aspecially built to handle the milk traffic; if everv milk station were"equipped witli coolers and a steam sterilizing plant for empty cans; if dealers were required by law or ordinance to wash cans before returning to train, a great improvement could be made in Chicago market milk, and at little, if any, additional expense to the consumer.' Each of these conditions is important, but the most important has the poorest transportation facilities for bringing In milk of any city of its size in the country. As between two indicated remedies I always choose the most palatable and find an advantage gained by so doing. How would you distinguish between Spinal Meningitis and Myolitis? For what other diseases might the former be mistaken, and how would you recognise it from them? Describe the difference between Osteo-Sarcoma and OsteoCephaloma. In the bowl is put a weak solution qf Condy's fluid, and then placed on an elevated stand as a shelf or sideboard. To the foot in the matter of standing that a good boot is better than a bad one. The general.structure and successive stages of growth of the parasite appear to be the same as described for the Trypanosoma Equiperdum of Dourine, to which accordingly the reader may turn for description. In certain cases, local extravasations of blood can be seen in the retinal structures, together with very intense congestion. Death occurs in two to five months in horses, and six to twelve months in asses and mules.


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