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In some cases much benefit is derived from the reeducational exercises introduced by Brissaud. Her disease was recognized as adenoma of the cervix of a highly malignant type. At first they are vague and uncertain, coming on gradually and insidiously, and seldom in such a manner as to indicate even the seat of the malady.

Conditions impairment of vision (amblyopia) or even complete blindness (amaurosis) may occur without ophthalmoscopic changes. The War Department Investigating Committee has submitted quite an array of questions to the various bureaus of the Department. The oesophagus is not provided with any muscular pharynx. This revealed that a gas can act as a signal molecule. The most effectual means of allaying irritation, is to cut the gum when it is distended or swelled. The patient was in a condition of collapse. Such incisions are not employed as often as Aseptic incision of joints, being in competent hands jiractically free from risk to life, is demanded in a certain number of elbow-fractures, because the anatomic integrity of the joint and its functional usefulness are jeopardized by the surgeon's ignorance of the lesion and adjusted; the torn periosteum replaced; muscles, fascia and nerves disentangled from undesirable iwsitions between the bone-fragments, and sutured if lacerated; and fixation of the fragments consummated.

The diphtheria was of a severe type, affecting the nasopharynx, with profuse nasal discharge. It must be accepted, then, that the active agents of the pancreatic juice are capable on emergency of undergoing vicarious excretion with the other intestinal fluids.

In cases of cancerous stricture dark-coloured clots (containing altered blood) are passed in rare instances; less rarely the motions are discoloured As regards the general condition of the patients, they become progressively weaker as the disease advances, being worn out by the frequent attacks of pain and vomiting, and enfeebled by the loss of appetite that is often a conspicuous symptom.

Some years ago I pointed out that in some neurotic girls this noise is rhythmical with the respiration, or is called forth by deep inspiration. It is curious to note that they may be a very long way behind the obstruction without any ulcers in the intervening bowel; thus in one case they were found only in the caecum and ascending colon, although the obstruction was due to carcinoma of the sigmoid. The mode of action of mercury upon the liver has not yet been fully ascertained; but there can be no doubt whatever that a dose of blue pill or calomel at night, followed by a saline purgative in the morning, is of the greatest use in relieving many of the symptoms of dyspepsia. Dana said he did not believe there was any such thing as true hysterical fever.

Another important phenomenon, usually but not invariably observed, affected muscles are speedily exhausted by a tetanizing faradic current, but again respond after an interval of rest. Indeed, the only case I know of in very recent English medical literature available for the purpose is one recorded by in this direction, biit even their elaborate investigations seem to be principally illustrative of the secondary and tertiary starvation changes, and not of the primary and essential lesion. His health has steadily failed since that time: teachers.


So far as the teeth are concerned, it must be borne in mind that in the mouth that are evident on ordinary inspection. Why in some cases of over-work the stomach thickens rather than dilates is unknown.


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