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There is more or less constipation. The patient" looks about," the attack lasts longer, there is much sobbing and crying, much exhaustion, but no perfect stupor.

Many of our courts have shown a disposition to limit the meaning of the expression so as to make it cover only such practice as involved the administration of some drug.

If there be spasm of the sphincter, we recommend plentiful rubbing of turpentine, or the oils of aniseed, caraway, fennel and camomile upon the abdomen and perineum, as well as internal administration of these oils, together with morphia, belladonna and chloral hydrate. Saline Laxitive also has the unique distinction of being the only saline in the market which, when taken on rising acts just after breakfast, once only, without a particle of irritation or griping, and then stops for the day. Such are: impaction of the rumen; abnormal sensibility and inflammatory conditions of the mucous membrane of the stopiach; ulcers; construction of the pylorus; prolapse of the reticulum due to rupture of the diaphragm; swelling of the mediastinal glands, etc. Never resort to operative measures without first exhausting all forms of non-surgical treatment in so far as they may be applicable to the case under consideration.

He was honourable and blameless in all the relations of life; kind, humane, courteous, amiable, and obliging; ever prompt to do good to others, to lessen the amount of human suffering and sorrow, and to contribute all that was in his power to promote friendliness, harmony, and good-will among men. Jtnalysis, Formula and Literature to physicians on request.

In what I have to say I shall touch lightly upon the symptoms of the typical organic affections which may follow injury, such as transverse myelitis, paralysis from direct injury to the brain or cord, fractures, neuritis, or the typical degenerative diseases like tabes or general paralysis. Since Scarlet Fever, in some of its forms, is so extensively prevalent, and often so very fatal, I think it is the duty of every physician to publish his observations and experience, and the mode and result of his treatment on such a destructive disease to which children are liable, especially if that treatment proves to be successful.

In the earliest stage of all it contains numerous white particles, portions of the rapidly growing and necrosing epithelial elements (tadasoft). Had seen either temporary or persistent paralysis as a sequel of scarlet Dr. In tubercular leprosy the prodromal symptoms have little value, and the same may be present in syphilis and other diseases. The cause is generally gastric disturbance, in which case the disease may be successfully treated by stomachics (neutral salts, Carlsbad salts, hydrochloric acid, etc.), or by antacids (Hme water, carbonate and bicarbonate of soda, carbonate of magnesium, etc.). And the cure almost certain? I Ijelieve as a rule it can.

The softened bones ulna may become bowed. The truth is, that sub-inflammatory irritation plays a very important part in these changes." Since this was written, Moxon has considered softening, may favour the occurrence of haemorrhage into the part diseased. The late Sir James Simpson, of Edinburgh, long ago taught us how invaluable the inhalation of chloroform is in the convulsions of children depending on cerebral irritation.


Instead of zinc chlorid as a local application to the ulcers, this same author recommends a mixture containing a little iodoform and a few drops of alcohol combined with enough of also says that when once the stomatitis is controlled, the toothbrush which has been previously used, must be destroyed and replaced by For the treatment of thrush, Holt recommends, in addition to the use of the usual mild antiseptic washes, that twice a day a i per cent, solution of formalin be very gently applied. The loss of blood was greatest iu this case, as the tourniquet proved not to have been perfectly adjusted, and the patient showed the effects of the operation enough to make us hasten it a little at the close, and the wound was perhaps not washed out with the great care its nature demanded, and a cavity formed, but which possibly might have been prevented. She was, however, well enough to be down in the parlour a part of the time, and acknowledged but little discomfort, excepting a continual soreness in the right side over the upper surfifice of the followed by speedy vomiting. Oblong, and very long in proportion to width. If we turn to the events which would be conventionally spoken of as" predisposing" causes, we are scarcely likely to be more satisfied with the appropriateness of the term"cause;" though we come upon facts of far greater practical value than those which have just been mentioned. The danger of poisoning should not prevent the use of the drug, which is said to be preferable to carbolic acid, salicylic acid, iodoform or corrosive sublimate. Other papers were by members of the Sec tion and may be Jed as follows: One clinical.

It would, however, be very interesting to know whether the excess of males in Greece is in any degree due to exceptional sex-mortality. AT the opening of this Spring season we wish to extend an invitation to our friends, customers and the public in general to call on us and see the finest display of Spring Clothing, Furnishings and Haberdashery that we have ever had the pleasure of showing. The mortality in these cases is due to the complications, the cholemia, infection, contiguous inflammation, and exhaustion due to hemorrhage at operation.


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