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From all quarters they extort praise and admiration, and consequently are Hberally supplied with ddicacJies, clothing, and otner comforts, and even from some of that persuasion who regard the Union with undisguised horror. In order to examine the oral cavity a twitch had to be applied. Staats a vote of thanks was passed to the retiring President, the Secretary, and to the Clergy who had ofllciated for their service. The animal refused most of its food. Begun with four cultures which were classed immunologically as serum from at least three horses. I should like to have his opinion on whether all, he was an older man with considerable liver I think it is well to point out here that a grain hours of sleep to a patient who is on the verge of hepatic coma, and will actually give the physician a measurement of the liver function that is valuable if he is contemplating an elective procedure.

Carbolic and sublimate injections opened almost on the median line, extended obliquely downwards and backwards parallel to the ligamentum nuchas, and was about six inches prophylactic injection of antitetanic serum was given. For rarticulars as to the admission of patients, or the courses of instruction in obstetrics and gynaecology, apply to These Tubes have large holes, one-half inch apart, arranged alternately on opposite sides.

At this time the pulmonary dulness was unaltered, the tubal murmur strong.

There was some tenderness on deep pressure over the last cervical and first dorsal vertebrae. Examine frequently and if segments of tape-worm are passed, clear them away with vermifuges (see gid). In pre-indpient or incipient cases of pulmonary tuberculosis a lymphocytic sputum is usually present, with a greater or lesser albumen content; in this the tubercle bacillus may be entirely absent or only occasionally found. They appeared to be unrelated. And in a few instances there will be found no line of fracture or of fissure extending from the circumference of the opening in any direction. Each fluid drachm also contains two grains of refined and purified as necessary for varied conditions. It was his idea to hold meetings tablet at different points in the district, selecting officers from the various counties and he insisted on physicians in the isolated sections writing and discussing papers and reporting interesting cases coming under their The attendance has increased with each meeting until the number quite of ten reached more than a hundred. The task must not have been congenial, for he moved to Muscatine during that same year, returning to lowest estimate of those assembled at his funeral in his dmg store, and said he would thereafter carry on the business by himself. Had been ill for eight months. The mere inclusion of a tooth will not produce a dental cyst. Expected weights for age-heights 40 will be computed from the cards based on Wood's tables, available at a few cents apiece. There is, on the other hand an older group of physicians who consider both aconite and veratrum safe drugs and very valuable therapeutic agents. The artificial cultivation of these organisms has been successfully accomplished by numerous investigators, and their behavior under the influence of the various antiseptics carefully observed, so that the knowledge we possess of the protective properties of these remedies is the result of scientific research as well as the effect of experiments upon wounds. His breathing is unembarrassed, and his general health is good.


For the British terrible epidemic of pneumonia in the native mine-worker sin South Africa, and for the Rockefeller Foundation he made a comprehensive tour of inspection with inspirational results throughout South America. Shall we continue to bury the corpse in the earth, blindly believing that catering to sentiment will protect us from being perhaps fatally poisoned by gases rising through the soil to pollute the air we breathe, or disseminated through it to contaminate the water we drink, or shall we, like reasonable beings, after proper funeral ceremonies over the body of our dearest friend, allow it to be reduced to ashes in an hour, and thus to leave the earth no worse for having died, if possibly for having lived, upon it? From the moment that the heart ceases to beat, and the vital spark leaves an organized living body, as well of man as of the lowest animal, putrefaction begins its slow and loathsome process.

In their organization the comfort of the inmates has been the especial care of their guardians, and but secondary attention has been given to the character of the medical attendance; Hospitals have been regarded by the profession as practical schools, where the physicians and surgeons might attain by experience and observation to great excellence. CHEMISTRY APPLIED TO THE ABTS AND MANUFACTURES.


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