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Then percolated till exhausted, evaporated to pill B.


Labyrinthine Concussion from Chapter IX. And yet I muft advertife you ( Pyropbilus) that being defirous to try, if I could not make with crude copper a green lulu t ion without the blueifhneis, that is wont to accompany its vulgar folutions, I bethought myfelf of ufing two menftruums, which I had not known employed to work on this metal, and which I had certain reafons to make trial of, as I fucccfsfully did. I have already proved, when I difcourfed of the fecond general confideration, by what happens to plants nourifhed only with fair water, and eggs hatched into chickens, that by changing the difpofition of the component parts of a body, nature is able to effect as great changes in a parcel of matter reputed fimilar, as thofe requifitc to denominate one of the tria prima. Diabetischer Harn hat daher gewohnlich ein spezifisches Gewicht Das spezifische Gewicht wird mit dem Urometer bestimmt, filtrierte Urin, Schaumbildung vermeidend, in einen trockenen Glaszylinder gegossen.

And that the fire doth oftentimes divide bodies, upon the account, that fome of their parts are more fixt, and fome more volatile, how far foever either of thefe two may be from a pure elementary nature, is obvious enough, if men would but heed it in the burning of wood, which the fire diflipates into fmoke and afties: for not only the latter of thefe is confeffedly made up of two fuch differing bodies as earth and kit j but the former being condenfed into that foot, which adheres to our chimneys, difcovcrs itfelf to contain both fait and oil, and fpirit and earth (and fome portion of phlegm too) which being, all almoft, equally volatile to that degree of fire, which forces them up, (the more volatile parts helping, perhaps, as well as the urgency of the fire, to carry up the more fixt ones, as I have otten tried in dulcified colcothar, fublimed by fal armoniac blended with it) are carried up together, but may afterwards be feparated by other degrees of fire, whofe orderly gradation allows the difparity of their volatilencls to difcover itfelf. Denis gave the name plasmin to a substance which he obtained from the blood, and which he believed to yield fibrin and a soluble substance, which he called soluble fibrin, as a product of decomposition in the act of coagulation of the blood. And others there are of thefe procefTcs, that require lome menltruum, falts, or other inftruments, that it is not in the power of ordinary chymifts to procure.

Abrasions of the skin from slight cuts, scratches, needle pricks, thorn pricks, tramping on a nail, etc., are of such common occurrence that ordinarily they are disregarded and hea! without any special treatment; but not infrequently these trivial affairs become infected with virulent pathogenic organisms, and the patient, after trying various home remedies, consults the family physician for treatment.

As will have been seen in the last chapter, one of the reasons for Sir Charles Bruce's altered opinion with regard to the' classes' was the difficulty of finding labourers; wherever he went as Governor the problem of capital and labour demanded his earnest attention, and he had evidently come I must dilate shortly on Sir Walter Besant's successful rectorship, for I was one of his pupils and had great admira tion for him. The veins correspond with the arteries, and are very large. The aperture was closed by a fine silk suture and the omentum attached to and folded round the bowel. Leeching consists in the application of leeches to any vascular part of the body: en. For example: (a) For the National Institute of Mental Health it was necessary that the exact foods were served to both groups without variation. As an application to the ulcerated fauces, he spoke highly of the benefit he had observed to follow the frequent application of a strong solution of permanganate of potash, one dram to one oz. France - at the time of the accident he begged a surgeon to operate to remove his false-tooth plate from his esophagus, but the surgeon refused, saying that his falsetooth plate would probably be found somewhere else. As if there were little left for others to do towards the hiftory of For (firft) I have been willing to leave unmentioned the moft part of thofe pha;nomena of colours, that nature prefents us of her own accord (that is, without being guided or over-ruled by man,) fuch as the different colours, that leveral forts of fruits pafs through. A post-mortem the next day showed a pleural cavity, free from pus. It flexes the fingers, and is supplied by branches from the median and from the ulnar nerves. There must so far not successfully accounted for, it is true, for I have seen such cases in which could be provoked clonic spasms like those of Jacksonian epilepsy. Cathartic; used locaUy as an antidote E. Two patients with third nerve palsies and one with bilateral seventh-nerve palsy were not influenced, whereas a fourth patient with paralysis of the left leg regained almost complete control of it by the ninth malarial paroxysm. Sometimes the projectile is found at once. Die Tiefe, in welcher die Blutung vor sich geht, zeigt Ihnen die Aus dem, was Sie gesehen haben, folgt, dafi eine Verbrennung dritten Grades blutleer und schmerzlos ist und so weifi wie Alabaster erscheint.


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