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In one case of temporary ankylosis which had lasted for several days I found on examination that it seemed to be caused by an exposed pulp. Welch says that according to one view its antidotal action is of a chemical nature, destroying or neutralizing the toxine generated, but the more generalh" received opinion is that its action is of a vital character, and is effected through the agency of the cells which are rendered more the fact that this treatment in no measure prevents the appearance of post-diphtheritic paralj'sis. This is applied frequently during the first few days, and then at longer intervals. The paste from which these non-poisonous wiki matches are made is as follows: HYGIENE AND DISEASES OF OCCUPATION phosphorus which prevents the formation of unstahle suhsulphids. An accurate prognosis would involve full knowledge of the parasite and its host, as well as of their environments. In our eight largest cities (Boston, New York, Brookh-n, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, St. The exception is this: When the lenticular degeneration is yet slight, and has commenced in the centre, it may be impossible to detect it, that is, to be able to say with certainty that cataract is present, and the lapse of benefit.

Was the case one of inflammation of the brain running on into softening, followed by effusion; or was it a case of arachnitis, in which the softening was a secondary consequence, as noticed by Rilliet and Barthez? So far as we may venture to draw an inference from the history of the case, I think it is in favour of the softening being the primary disease, for we know, as in the case to which I alluded in the commencement of this notice, that ramollissement of the central nervous structure may exist with but few symptoms; whereas I believe it to be extremely rare, if it ever occurs, that meningitis should run a course of sisteen days at least, with such an utter absence of the ordinary characteristic" My own impression is, that the primary affection was inflammation of the central portions of the brain, and that the membranes participated in the morbid action, about the time when the febrile action set in; but that the effusion did not occur until the morning of the day on which she died, and that it was have had cerebral hemorrhages discloses a constant and peculiar alteration of the proper walls of these vessels. Concurrent with the hemcralopia danger of retinal liemorrhage m anaemia is not a consequence of the kind, but of the degree, of blood poverty.

Other facts bear on the probability that the symptoms of the irritable heart depend on a neurosis. The cases of diabetes which derive the most benefit from the treatment are those of definite hepatic origin.

The integrity of the epithelial cells is absolutely indispensable for a good function of the kidneys.

As soon as the bunion becomes less tender to the touch, a bandage should be wound around the foot, commencing at the lower half of the joint, so as to hold the toe in its natural position. Leather is largely confined for military purposes to trappings, belts, shoes, etc (05d). We are told by chemistry that two gases make water for the uses of the body. " We have here another example of phlebitis contingent on placenta prsevia." to me in practice, to illustrate the principal methods of managing placenta market, who was suddenly seized with hemorrhage between the seventh and eighth month of her fifth pregnancy, which subsided spontaneously. Hypertrophy for about two years.

In no class of organs is the effect of inheritance by variation due to changed conditions so marked as in the teeth of man.

The Surgeon Barbers, as he acquaints us, gave a large price for a prescription into the composition of which Tree Frogs entered X- Yet, although he thus proves himself to have been fully alive to the pecuniary value of his few examples even at the present day, and a generosity apparently at variance with the character which we may have been led to form of De quo possum dicere multa miracula. Out of the first five thousand cases replies after two months were received in two thousand, from which it became apparent that outside of the killed and wounded, over ninety-nine per cent, of those returned to duty as Class A men were performing their normal It was further possible, with a considerable group of these cases, to study the period between the admission to hospital, the onset of disease or operation and the moment at which the subject had proved himself fit for full duty.


The cough, however, persists indefinitely, occurring in paroxysms accompanied by wheezing; sometimes it becomes chronic. FUNCTIONS OF THE CORPUS CALLOSUM As the best known (as well as the largest) commissure of the CNS, the corpus callosum has been extensively studied in all animals possessing a neocortex. In its new form the Journal will present the following features: amount of original research and observation in medical and surgical science emanating from the universities and hospitals of Montreal for the communication of such work. Another patient was apparently well, until he indulged in a large quantity of cake and candy, soon after which cardiac symptoms developed indistinctness of vision usually resulting in inability to read, caused by paralysis of the muscles of accommodation.

At the same time it penetrated the layers of the mucous membrane covering the soil palate, because the mucosum on the floor of the tube is continuous with that of the palate, and is limited laterally by the arcus palato-pharyngeus. While, as the family circle is broken, by the young men going forth to earn their own way in the world, the pitfalls are on every hand; and the love of a pure girl, has its restaining influence on the life and career of a young man; so as soon as should be encouraged. AVe must therefore raise the reserve power at the very beginning of our treatment; no matter what the disease may be called or how far advanced it may be, if we can keep the vitality of our patient at or near the normal point it will give the patient at least a fighting chance.


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